Akosombo International School Admission, Fees, and Curriculum:All You Need To Know

 Akosombo International School Admission, Fees, and Curriculum

Everything You Need to Know About Akosombo International School Admission, Fees, and Curriculum

Akosombo International School Admission, Fees, and Curriculum:In Ghana private schools usually charge their students every month. At Akosombo International School it costs GH¢ 4,000-6,000 (USD 2.50 – 3.33) per month. This amount is not including a one-time registration fee of GH¢ 500 (USD 0.25).

About Akosombo International School Admission, Fees, and Curriculum

School fees and curriculum are two things that parents should pay close attention to when deciding which school to enroll their children in. Not only do they affect the finances of the family, but they also tell parents what type of education the children will receive while they are at the school. At Akosombo International School, we offer high-quality education combined with international standards and an outstanding student-teacher ratio to ensure that your child gets the best education possible. For more information on our admission, fees, and curriculum, please read on!

Akosombo International School Admission Process

No matter where in Ghana you wish to send your child for schooling, there is a very strict admission process. Be sure that your application makes it through by following these steps: Find out if there is an existing school you can get into as a temporary student while waiting for approval of your permanent status. Apply for admissions at least one year before anticipated enrollment. Select a curriculum that fits your family’s needs. Complete all necessary paperwork and submit it at least three months before enrollment (eight months if you are applying from outside of Ghana). Submit a certificate of the physical examination obtained from a registered medical practitioner with at least six months validity from the date of issue in original form or authenticated copy thereof.

Akosombo International School Acceptance Criteria

What Is The Admissions Criteria For Akosombo International School? There is a limited number of vacancies for each year. Approximately 5% of applicants are admitted at every grade level. These students demonstrate both an outstanding level of intellectual ability and also a high degree of potential achievement in English language studies (ELA).

Akososmbo International School Fees/Tuition Fees

In Ghana private schools usually charge their students every month. At Akosombo International School it costs GH¢ 4,000-6,000 (USD 2.50 – 3.33) per month. This amount is not including a one-time registration fee of GH¢ 500 (USD 0.25).

Other Costs

The tuition will be your biggest expense when it comes to an international school. However, there are other fees that you should also take into consideration: medical insurance, registration fee, internet connection fee, and transportation fees (if applicable). Check with each school for a breakdown of costs. Make sure that you get a clear idea of how much your child’s schooling will cost before you apply so you can plan accordingly.

Before the Arrival

So you’ve decided that Akosombo International School is right for your child. Before registering with us, there are several factors you should be aware of so that your child has a smooth experience. The first thing you need to do is obtain a Ghanaian visa; it takes approximately three weeks from submission to approval. Arrange to have an escort accompany your child on his or her trip so that he or she arrives safely at the school; flights into Accra Airport are limited and hectic. Once your child has arrived in Ghana, we will arrange for him or her to meet with our team who will lead them through everything they need to know about AIS before starting their studies!

Day-to-Day Life at Akosombo International School

Students at AIS are challenged daily. Students receive a high-quality education in an intimate environment. With approximately one teacher for every four students (making each class as small as 20 students), they have plenty of time with their teachers and instructors to ensure that every student is reaching his or her full potential. Having small class sizes allows teachers to tailor lesson plans on an individual basis so that each student receives targeted learning opportunities at school. For example, some students may be focused on improving a particular skill while others may be challenged by more advanced material. Teachers provide differentiated learning experiences when necessary to help all students improve their education in a way that works best for them—all while keeping up with other classmates’ progress.

Physical Education

According to its website, Akosombo International School offers both extra-curricular physical education classes as well as after-school programs. The extra-curricular activities are a great way for students of all ages to stay active while having fun with their peers. Even younger students will be happy with how much fun they can have with PE at AIS. Some of our favorite sports include football (soccer), basketball, and track & field (which also includes discus throwing). On top of these standbys is a very active water polo program that helps build strength and core control in younger students.

Check List Of Courses Offered At Akosombo International School

9Akosombo International School courses & Fees 2022/2023

Health Care

If you have a medical emergency while in Ghana, contact an ambulance (which will likely arrive on a motorbike). For other health-related issues, there are numerous clinics across Accra. The public ones are usually very basic with few staff members and limited resources. Private hospitals charge a significant amount for their services; however, they can be used for more serious health concerns. If you’re on meds for chronic conditions like asthma or high blood pressure and plan to travel with them during your time abroad—just be sure you bring enough medication from home to cover your stay at first. Then once you get situated you can visit a local clinic or pharmacy for refill prescriptions (costs will vary depending on where you go).

Academics Review

If you’re looking for a school that balances a traditional curriculum with specific extracurriculars, you may want to take a look at Akosombo International School. Originally founded in 1996 by Afrocentric educators, AIS is an international non-profit organization working toward providing holistic education. The mission of AIS is to develop academically excellent learners who are leaders with strong moral character. This can be achieved through several educational programs that include extracurricular activities such as soccer, boxing, and art lessons.

Community Integration

In our mission to promote an inclusive environment for all students, we believe it is important for families with special needs children to be a part of our community. This is why we accept students with special needs into all academic levels and coordinate seamless transitions into each classroom throughout their time at AKIS. We believe education is one of the most valuable tools in empowering persons with disabilities and so ensures that they are afforded equal opportunities as other students in every aspect of school life. These include a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as Art & Crafts Club; Science Laboratory Club; Music Club; The Debating Society; The Drama Club; Sports Clubs; English Language Literacy Development Program (ELD); Student Reporters Program (SRP) etc.

Summary Of Akosombo International School Admission, Fees, and Curriculum

Ever since news broke out about Ghana’s premier school opening its doors for nursery two months earlier than scheduled, a lot of parents have been scrambling to figure out how they can get their kids admitted into AIS. Some might be able to write off a lot of cash in getting their child admitted into AIS but in our present financial situation, it will not be possible for us. Having said that I think it is important we all understand what is expected from a student when he/she joins one of Ghana’s premiestraightforwardational schools. Although some information may seem straightforward forward we should not take them lightly as it will help put you in good stead when your child enters primary school at AIS.

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