Apply For Jason Lan Scholarship 2022/2023-Check Now

By | December 13, 2022
Apply For Jason Lan Scholarship 2022/2023

Apply For Jason Lan Scholarship 2022/2023-Check Now

Check how to Apply For Jason Lan Scholarship 2022/2023. Luckily, applicants can apply for three (3) under the Jason Lang Scholarship. Don’t not over-apply. Stick to the maximum of 3 times.

The Jason Lang scholarship is an affiliate or under the care of the University of Alberta, Canada. The scholarship is funded by the University of Alberta.

Jason Lang Scholarship shares almost similar requirements to the Rutherford Scholarship but there are some differences in the eligibilities.

Jason Lang Scholarship requirements

You MUST be a resident of Alberta and obtain a GPA of 3.2 before you can apply.

You MUST be a Canadian (nationality) / your legal guardians have to be residents in Alberta before your High School education

Applicants should enroll in a one-year (1-year) certificate program before applying for this scholarship.

You should receive three (3) Jason Lang Scholarships also.

Can refugees apply for Jason Lang Scholarship?

Convention refugees are eligible for the scholarship. They should submit a copy of their Social Insurance Numberrecipientcard in addition to the Verification of Status document’s notice.

Your eligibility also involves acquiring Alberta Student Number & the SIN. It’s VITAL!

Applicants shouldn’t be a recipient of the Louise McKinney Scholarship program.

Enroll in a full-time undergraduate program in a public school in Alberta.

Jason Lang Scholarship value /worth

An amount of money worth $1,000 is meant for the Jason Lang scholarship.

How many times can you receive Jason Lang Scholarship?

Luckily, applicants can apply for three (3) under the Jason Lang Scholarship. Don’t not over the apply. Stick to the maximum of 3 times as said by the program.

How can I apply for Jason Lang Scholarship?

You (applicant) should submit your application forms after filling all fields to the Students Awards Office at your school.

The Students Award Office will select all eligible applicants after review.

How To Apply For Jason Lang Scholarship 2022

Visit their official sponsor’s website and download the form online.


Get a hard copy of the application form after downloading it.
NB: It will be submitted in hard copy not soft copy.

Provide all the information asked for on the printed form. They include your personal information, nationality, and resident details that they need before any acceptance.

Provide your information: Post-secondary institution enrolment details as requested for the oLang’se application form.

How long does it take to receive the Jason Lang Scholarship?

A maximum of 30 days will elapse before you a messageaidm the scheme will send you a message.

Is Jason Lang’s scholarship taxable?

NO! It’s not a taxable area because the program’s target /or main focus is to support students through financial aid not payment of tax for their charitable service.

Jason Lang Scholarship enrollment levels

Jason Lang Scholarship’s enrollment cuts acrosswithollege Senior, College Junior, College freshman, & College sophomore.

Jason Lang Scholarship deadline

On standard, the deadline is 15th September every year.

After reading, share the link with your Canadian families and friends. Alert them on the vital assistance you read from our website on Jason Lang Scholarship.

| Apply For Jason Lan Scholarship 2022/2023 |

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