GRIDCo Ghana Salary Structure 2022,Check Now

By | May 27, 2022
GRIDCo Ghana Salary Structure 2022

GRIDCo Ghana Salary Structure 2022

GRIDCo Ghana Salary Structure 2022: Public sector employees in Ghana are to receive a minimum wage increase of GHc1000.00 effective 1st September 2022 after the government approved new pay structures.

The country’s electricity utility, Ghana Electricity Distribution Company (GRIDCo), has revealed its salary structure after the end of its negotiations with its staff union. The new structure will be effective from June 2022, with salary increments of 8% as of June 2023; 15% as of June 2024; 20% as of June 2025; 25% as of June 2026; 30% as of June 2027, and 35% in July 2028. The current level is set to remain until July 2022 before the adjustment commences.

What is Gridco

Gridco Ltd is an electricity distributor in Ghana, headquartered in Accra. It owns and maintains a national grid, including a high-voltage transmission network and local grids serving customers across all regions of Ghana. Gridco started its operations in 1997. The company is wholly owned by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), which itself is owned by the Volta River Authority (VRA) (60%) and six distribution companies (40%). It also owns Metro Power Distribution Company, which serves Greater Accra Region, including Accra and Tema Metros. Grieco has approximately 50 branches scattered all over the country to serve its clients better. Gridco supplies electricity to residential as well as commercial customers using smart meters.

Purpose of GRIDCo

To generate and supply power for national use, and to distribute energy efficiently. Also, GRIDCo is a joint venture between three shareholders: Karpowership, Mos-Oil, and GRD Commodities Company ltd. GRD Commodities is owned by GIC of Singapore, China Investment Corporation (CIC) from China, and the Government of Ghana (GoG). The main activities are the generation of electricity, transmission, and distribution of power to customers at affordable prices.

Vision of Gridco

Gridco is a fully integrated power company in Ghana whose mission is to provide reliable, accessible, and affordable electricity to all of our customers.

Mission of Gridco

The core business of GRIDCO is to transport and trade electrical energy. For more information, please contact your nearest GRIDCO sales office. The purpose of GRIDCO is to bring power to all regions in Africa through private investment and good management. We provide an excellent return on your investment with all profits going towards bringing power to Africa’s many villages, towns, and cities. Gridco will serve as a role model of a well-run business that provides electricity at competitive prices in Africa. Your continued support will allow us to expand into new areas and we promise you will not be disappointed with our service or profit potential! For us to reach our goals quickly, we need dedicated employees working together in a professional environment.

Strengths and Competencies of Gridco

The high point of Gridco is its employees who are trained and supervised by capable professionals in various disciplines. These specialists have gained a lot of experience over time and they have very good track records when it comes to their work. They are also well experienced in skills like project management, finance, purchasing, and engineering among others which makes them one of a kind in their field. They make sure that they provide excellent services to all clients at all times to be able to meet up with all deadlines set by their clients or employers. The company’s IT team has played an important role in achieving its goals as they are responsible for handling most data processing activities such as document generation, and drafting reports amongst other tasks which have helped in reducing unnecessary costs incurred from doing these tasks manually.

Job Opportunities at Gridco

GRIDCo is expanding its footprint by incorporating both solar and wind power generation, and they need your help. They are looking to hire personnel at several levels including management, engineering, sales, and maintenance. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting in your career, there are many exciting opportunities at GRIDCo for qualified individuals who want to become part of an exciting organization.

Gridco offers competitive salaries along with benefits depending on position; all employment packages include health insurance as well as retirement planning through generous 401k plans.

Application process

Anyone who is not a member of GRIDCo will not be eligible to join. This includes any current or former members of government, employees, contractors, and associates and those related to them by blood. But it excludes close family relations. Those who already have their employment contracts expiring before 2023 will be allowed to renew them at their existing salary levels if they are from any of these categories which were excluded from joining GRIDs or whose existing contracts are set to expire before 2023. Those who meet all other conditions but do not want an employment contract will be required to commit for 3 years, with annual performance-based reviews every year between 2021 and 2023.

Education Requirements

A high school diploma or GED is required to become a GRIDCo Electrician. A four-year bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, applied science, or another related field is often preferred by employers and may lead to increased starting salary and benefits such as tuition reimbursement, group health insurance coverage (for you and your family), and pension options, etc. There are exceptions to these requirements; for example, certain specialized types of training may be sufficient instead of a four-year degree. Also, some states require an electrical contractor’s license before working on live voltage systems like those found at home. Be sure to check with your local municipal licensing boards before beginning your electrician training program at GRIDCo Electrician Academy!

Required Skills and Experience
A bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (EEE), Computer Science, Information Technology, or rea levant field. Proficiency in JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. Two to five years of experience in front-end web development using HTML5. Proficiency in Agile project management methodologies, Test Driven Development (TDD), and a working knowledge of relational databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. Strong written and verbal communication skills with an emphasis on technical writing. Self-motivated, creative problem solver who enjoys collaborating with cross-functional teams to solve complex problems while being able to articulate business goals effectively both verbally and in written form. Works well under pressure with tight deadlines but also has the aptitude to manage complexity across multiple delivery streams/products/locations.

Career Progression Options at GRIDCO
As a member of our team, you can expect a clear career path. This includes formal career training and mentoring as well as flexible working arrangements to accommodate your personal needs. You’ll also have access to development opportunities such as seminars, workshops, and conferences. In addition, we encourage employees to attend courses at universities or industry-accredited institutions to support their personal development goals and professional qualifications. Below is an overview of some of our benefits

Gridco Salary structure, allowances, and benefits

Public sector employees in Ghana are to receive a minimum wage increase of GHc1000.00 effective 1st September 2022 after the government approved new pay structures. The new gridco salary structure became effective on 1st September 2022. Gridco-Ghana Power Company has published a revised set of salaries, allowances, and benefits which will be effective from 1st September 2022. The company says it is committed to providing appropriate remuneration packages that will enable its employees to maintain an acceptable standard of living while contributing effectively to sustainable growth and development in electricity generation across the country.

Check Gridco Ghana salary structure 2022:The average salary for GRIDCO employees starts at GHS 51,759 per year and goes up to GHS 157,095 per year for the highest level of seniority

Duties and Responsibilities at Gridco
Gridco is a state-owned entity established by Act 941 as a parastatal body. The primary function of Gridco is to provide electricity and gas transmission and distribution services within its regulated area. Gridco will oversee all activities associated with the purchase, transmission, sale, and delivery of electricity in Ghana from generation sources to end-users. Gridco will also be responsible for ensuring a safe and continuous supply of natural gas to meet national demands and fuel both domestic needs and support growing economic development.

How to apply for jobs at Gridco

Gridco’s recruitment procedures have been designed to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and with respect. At Gridco, we believe that everyone should be given an equal opportunity to apply for jobs at Gridco. We are an equal opportunity employer, which means we value diversity at our company and treat all job applicants equally. Our selection process includes fair hiring practices such as following written application procedures and communicating application status promptly.

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