How to Start A Blog In Ghana And Make $100 Monthly
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How to Start A Blog in Ghana And Make $100 Monthly.
We are pleased once again to present to you details on how to start a blog in Ghana and make $100 monthly.
Blogging is one of the best online businesses that you can start today with less capital and make over 100 dollars every month right here in Ghana.
Most people think that for you to start a blog, you should be ICT Wizard or expert, dear reader this is a fallacy
I’m a newbie in ICT but I was able to design my blog website.
Today I will guide you on How To Start A Blog In Ghana And Make Over $100 Monthly.
What Is A Blog?
A Blog is an online journal that is updated regularly to keep readers abreast with the latest information on the Web. Most Blogs are written in a slightly informal tone(personal journals, news, business, etc)
Who is a Blogger?
A blogger is someone who has a blog and updates it regularly to keep his/her readers informed.

Qualities of Successfully Bloggers
•Good Writing skills

What Blogging Is Not

•Blogging is not get rich quick business
•You don’t need a university degree to start a Blog
•Blogging is not for ICT gurus

What you need to start a blog in Ghana

  1. A Blog Niche: This is the particular subject that you love so much to write about. A Blog niche can be about your profession or something that you are enthusiastic about.
    Examples of a Blog Niche: Education, Entertainment, Technology, Politics, Food, Architecture, etc.
  2. Interest and Dedication: For you to be a successful blogger, you must be someone who likes writing stories on things that interest you. You must be passionate about writing.
  3. Domain Name And Hosting: Domain Name is a unique name that you wish to give to your blog.
    Examples of Domain, my joy,,, etc.
    It is advisable to choose the domain name that will be related to your blog niche. For example, your blog is about news, your domain name can be
    Hosting/host: This is a server that will store your blog data online all the time. It helps to keep your website or a blog running all the time without going offline.
    Examples of hosting companies in Ghana: Stormerhost, Ultra host, etc
    Hosting plans Some companies charge GH¢9.00 -GH¢40.00 a month depending on your hosting plan.
  4. WordPress Installation: WordPress is a free platform that enables users to add their self-hosted website to their platform.
    WordPress will enable you to design your blog without using coding skills. Once you have launched your blog on WordPress you are finally closer to monetizing your blog.
  5. Android Phone or Laptop: You will need an Android phone or a good laptop to start writing your articles.

How to Monetize your Blog
After you have published a good number of original articles or contents on your website, you have to apply for Advertisement Networks.
Examples of Advertisement Networks are Google Adsense, Word Ads, Propeller Ads, Clickadu, and the rest.
Among these ad networks, I will recommend only one that is Google Adsense because it’s transparent and has Good payment systems for bloggers.
What is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is an online advertising company that is owned by Google to place adverts on blogs and pay the publishers/ bloggers monthly for running ads on their blogs.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval

Getting Google Adsense Approval sometimes can be very stressful if you don’t know Google Adsense policies.
Top Google Adsense Approval Tips
•Publish Original articles on your blog
• Create the following pages on your blog; About Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Contact Us
• Use mobile responsible themes only e.g Iconic One, Newspaper
•Site design should follow webmaster guidelines
•Create High-quality content with at least 300 words in each article
After meeting these requirements, your website will be approved by Google Adsense and you will start earning from your blog.

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|How to Start A Blog In Ghana And Make $100 Monthly|

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