Who is Christiano Ronaldo?

By | December 9, 2022
Who is Christiano Ronaldo?

Who is Christiano Ronaldo?

CR7 is an all best footballer from Portugal who is recently playing for Manchester United which is in Europe (United Kingdom).
The all best and famous forward for Manchester United gave birth to five children and owner widespread businesses all over the world.

He has a famous hotel called CR7 Hotel in his home country Portugal.

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Ronaldo children

In all, the best ranked Footballer world wide, Christiano Ronaldo fathered children: Two (2) singles, and two (2) sets of twins ( boy and girl).

Which of Ronaldo son is dead?

From reliable sources, Ronaldo and the partner posted about the death their recent child (boy).

What happen to the Ronaldo son ?

His son died in the hospital after they were delivered. It was published by Ronaldo that they have lost the new twin (boy).

Where is Ronaldo?

The footballer is based in UK working hard for his footballer profession.

Ronaldo baby mother

Georgina Rodriguez is the mother of all his children. She hails from Argentina and Spain, a top-notch model who has achieve mighty heights with her career.

Ronaldo children

Including the current twins, he has six children but a boy was lost after delivery. It means that, he now fathers five (5) children.

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Photo of Ronaldo children

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