Bolgatanga Senior High School Courses And Details

Bolgatanga Senior High School Courses And Details


BOLGATANGA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Find BOLGATANGA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL achievement, mission, facilities, courses, location, statistics, category, description, and telephone.

The demand for secondary education has increased as a result of high completion rates at the Junior high School level. In response to this, several new public schools have been provided, whilst facilities in existing schools have been upgraded.
Trends in school placement from the Computer Schools Selection and Placement System (CSSPS)
indicate some disparity in the selection of schools. Students overwhelmingly choose the popular but few traditionally high-performing schools thereby leading to oversubscription of these schools.
Many schools that have significantly improved in recent years remain unknown and undersubscribed.
We believe that this anomaly is partly due to the lack of information available to students and parents.

No. of Students (SHS 1): 695
No. of Students (SHS 2): 1089
No. of Students (SHS 3): 767
EMIS Code: 207080001
WAEC Code: 0090403

44 Classrooms, 3 Science Labs, 1 Library, 1 ICT Lab, Music Studio

2016: National Health Insurance Quiz Champions
2015 and 2016: National Science and Maths Quiz – 1/8 stage
Sports Champions since 2013-2017 at Zonals and Super Zonals levels
2011 to 2017: Second best performing school in WASSCE to Notre Damme
2014 and 2016: Best Choral Music and Drama champions

Telephone: 0207990294
Location: Bolgatanga
Latitude: 10.72186
Longitude: 0.86595
District: Talensi

Gender Mixed
Housing status Day and Boarding
Year of Establishment 1970
Name of Head Afelibiek Ababu


Bolgatanga Senior High School (Big BOSS)
is situated in Winkogo, about 8km south of
Bolgatanga, the Upper East regional capital. Even though called Bolgatanga Senior High School it is actually within the Talensi-Nabdam District.
It was founded in 1970 in Zuarungu on the same campus presently occupied by Zuarungu Senior High School in 1970, precisely on the 15 October, with Mr.
Bayala C.J. Yibrul as its first Headmaster.
To nurture and develop a reputable world class second cycle institution capable of churning out self-motivated and self-disciplined students imbibed
with excellent leadership skills to compete in the globalised world.
Striving to achieve excellence through the harnessing of available human, financial and material resources to provide optimised opportunities for its students,
unearthing their potentials through self-awareness and self-realisation.

List Of Courses offered at Bolgatanga Senior High School

Bolgatanga Senior High School offers five major academic programs namely;

  • General Arts
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
  • Home Economics
  • Business

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