College of Education graduates outwits university graduates in GTLE

College of Education graduates outwits university graduates in GTLE

College of Education graduates outwits university graduates in GTLE

A learned team of Researchers numbering six (6) from the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) has disclosed their results on licensure exams performance using trained Teachers from CoE (graduates) and that of the universities.

According to their publication, the year considered for the researcher was 2021 – 2022.

The team disclosed that the PASS rate for graduates from the CoE in terms of percentage exceeded the university graduates by 8%.

The performance of trained Teachers from CoE in the year under study was 79% while the universities were 71%.

The research findings were reported by Dr. Richardson Addai-Munkum, a Senior Lecturer in Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW).

Dr. Richardson Addai-Munkum let out the report when he was presenting on An Evaluation of the Ghana Teachers Licensure Examination (GTLE) in the media.

From his presentation, he detailed that the purpose of the research was to evaluate its success and identify challenges that the GTLE is having/facing for improvement and necessary consideration for the best and most efficient outcome as the exams intend.


The standard to measure Teachers in Ghana, the Ghana Teachers Licensure Examination (GTLE) was introduced in the year 2019 by the government of Ghana and backed by the Education Act of 2008, Act 778.

The body was birthed for the organization of exams and licensing of graduate Teachers from both the CoE and universities.

The key motive is to award professional Teachers (individuals who will pass) so that the body can achieve the agenda of “improving the professional standard of teaching in Ghana.”

The success of the GTLE has been entrusted to the hands of NTC.


The papers to be written in the NTC GTLE are three (3) in number.

Essential Professional Skills, Literacy, and Numeracy

Currently, in 2023, the Council (NTC) has announced that the new papers to be written under the NTC GTLE are three (3) but there is integration.

  1. General paper (Essential Professional Skills, Literacy, and Numeracy)

Elective paper:

  1. Content paper
  2. Pedagogy paper


The Research team said the success of the CoE graduates is that they prepared them in line with the National Teachers Standards (NTS). The universities did not admit the change that came hence, they have not adjusted their Curriculum for the absorption of what NTS has for Teachers before they sit for their licensure exams.


Stressing the way forward, Dr. Addai-Mununkum said “The recommendation is that the universities should begin to take a re-look at their curricula about the NTS.”

“When the standards came, the Colleges embraced them; they reformed their curricula and they are working with the standards. The universities are yet to reform their curricula in line with the NTS. So that is where the difference is coming from.”

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Further, he said close to a quarter of the respondents expressed their concerns about the Numeracy paper. The Council has it that you must pass all three (3) papers before they can award a license.

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On areas of improvement and challenges, he let out that the Council has a challenge with registration and test administration.

However, the NTC is working tirelessly to increase the center for writing the NTC GTLE as time goes on.

Also, NTC is working on improving their orientation and training of Supervisors and Invigilators for effective rollout.


Referring to the exact words of the Registrar of the NTC, Dr. Christian Addai-Poku on the essence of the evaluation of the NTC GTLE, he said “So there was the need to conduct this research to evaluate it to know our strengths and weaknesses to inform policy reforms.”

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