Cost of private jet in the US, check Now

The cost of private jet in the US

The cost of private jet in the US

The value of private jets changes as time goes on, which is also similar to other assets, therefore affecting the cost to buy a private jet.

Depending on the market conditions, the age of the aircraft, hours on the engines and airframe, Acquisition Cost, Operating Expenses, Regulatory Compliance, Insurance costs, along with new aircraft coming to market, the values will all be impacted.

Pre-owned private jets can be purchased for as low as a quarter of a million dollars ($250,000), while ranging up to $75 million for a brand-new example of the latest and greatest aircraft.
Acquisition Price
The acquisition cost of a private jet is the amount that one needs to pay in order to buy just that aircraft. Paying this cost does not include costs such as legal fees, pre-purchase inspections, test flights, registration, and many more.

It is just the cost price of the aircraft. The initial purchase price of a private jet can vary widely. Light jets(small jets) are priced around $2 million, while larger, more sophisticated models can cost a lot of millions dollars. The brand, model, age, and condition of the aircraft all play a role in determining the acquisition cost.

For example, when you look to buy a car you have the cost of the car. And then, once purchased, you have other expenses that you must pay in order to actually own the car and register it for road use.

Private jets operate in a similar way, albeit with more complexity and higher costs involved.

Therefore, when you are calculating the amount that you can spend on purchasing a private jet, it is good to keep a margin of safety for these additional fees.

As a result, when prices are mentioned for the cost to buy a private jet, this refers to just the aircraft itself and nothing more.

New Private jets Vs Pre-Owned private jets
Apparently, When it comes to comparing these two, it is obvious to say pre-owned private jets are less expensive than that of New private jets. But that is not through, The reason is simple – pre-owned private jets have undergone depreciation, and how much they have been depreciated depends majorly on the number of hours they have flown and their model. You may have to spend money on their overhauling and maintenance before you can fly them other than buying a new jet.The cost involved in buying new private jet is different from the acquisition cost. Buying a private jet, a consideration that needs to be made is whether you are looking to buy a new or pre-owned aircraft.

Of course, this concept will be familiar to most people. Similar to the scenario used to purchase a car, there are benefits and drawbacks to each example.

Moreover, if you wish to purchase a new aircraft you will be waiting a significant amount of time in order for it to be delivered. Therefore, purchasing a pre-owned aircraft will allow you to get in the sky in your very own aircraft sooner.

Therefore, in terms of affecting the cost to buy a private jet, pre-owned aircraft will not always be less expensive than a new aircraft.

This is an important consideration to make when looking at the cost to buy a private jet.
Aircraft Average New cost

Cirrus Vision jet $3million

Hondajet Elite S. $5.5million

Nextant 400XTi $5.2 million

Cessna Citation cj4 $4million

Learjet 75 Liberty $12million

Pilatus pc-24 $11million

Cessna Citation Sovereign+ $19million

Embraer Praetor 500 $16.3million

Nextant 604XT $8million

Embraer Praetor 600 $21 million


Average Pre-Owned

Beechcraft Premier I


Bombardier Challenger 300


Bombardier Challenger 350


Bombardier Challenger 604


Bombardier Challenger 605


Bombardier Global 5000


Bombardier Global 6000


Bombardier Learjet 31A


Bombardier Learjet 35A


Bombardier Learjet 45


Bombardier Learjet 60


Cessna Citation Bravo


Cessna Citation CJ1


Cessna Citation CJ2


Cessna Citation CJ3


Cessna Citation CJ3+


Cessna Citation CJ4


Cessna Citation Excel


Cessna Citation I


Cessna Citation II


Cessna Citation III


Cessna Citation Latitude


Cessna Citation M2


Cessna Citation Mustang


Cessna Citation Sovereign


Cessna Citation V


Cessna Citation V Ultra


Cessna Citation X


Cessna Citation XLS


Cessna Citation XLS+


Cirrus Vision Jet SF50


Dassault Falcon 2000


Dassault Falcon 2000LX


Dassault Falcon 50


Dassault Falcon 7X


Eclipse 500


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