Different approaches for holding discussion with students


Different approaches for holding discussion

The basic principles of discussion are generally the same. However, there are variations in methods in using discussion. There are for your general approaches deemed necessary to you as a teacher.
Using discussion in conjunction with other teaching methods. For instance, you can employ presentation or direct instruction model, cooperative learning
Using recitation discussion. Here you ask pupils to read about a particular topic on:
Scientific report
Historical documents
Short stories
Novel or piece of music

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After which you hold a brief question and answer session
Using discovery inquiry discussion. You put forward a situation that will encourage students to think and discover their ideas. For instance, your pupils can be asked; why metals change shape under heat? with this, your pupils will begin to generate theories and hypotheses to explain events.
Ask questions
Generate debates

Put their ideas down to solve the problem Using discussion to clarify position and share experience. When your discussion takes this approach, you help your pupils to form and express independent thoughts and opinions.

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