Download GLO Sim Card Registration App

Download GLO Sim Card Registration App

Download GLO Sim Card Registration App

The Ministry of Communications sided with the National Communication Authority (NCA) has announced the use of The GLO self-service registration App which will aid registration in the comfort zone of all GLO users.


The management of GLO network launched the App to fasten the process of their sim cards registration to meet the deadline communicated by the Minister of Communications and Digitalisation for the linking of Sim cards to Ghana cards

What is important about sim card registration?

Factually, registering our cards will:

  1. help the Ministry and the Telecos to address cyber fraud activities in general.
  2. assist the Telecos in improving their service reach (demographics) referring to the statistics they have collated through the exercise.
  3. guide the telecommunications sector to have valid record records of subscribers for advance improvements also…SIM Card Registration Deadline Extended, Full Details

Why use GLO sim cards?

You should use GLO sim card for all the services they provide for their users all day They announced that after the settling of the dust, it is likely that unregistered sim card owners might be charged higher when they use their service as compared to the registered sim card users.

What are the requirements for GLO Sim Card App registration?

TThe GLO sim card App registration requires generating your code (i.e your unique code). It’s simple!!

Where can I download the GLO App to register my I’m card?


  • Open your Playstore /or App Store for Android and iPhone users respectively.
  • Proceed to the search button and type GLO Sim Registration App.
  • Click the search button and wait patiently for the search results.
  • Locate the App and install it successfully.
  • After a successful launch, input the requested details there and follow all instructions afterward
  • Scan and upload your Ghana card with the help of the Upload section in the App. Also, you are required to upload a photo of yourself too.
  • Tap the submit button and expect feedback which will ask for a payment of GH¢5.00

You will receive a payment confirmation alert as an indication of payment success.

Who can I know my Sim card status after registration?


Using your phone dial pad, dial *400#.

Your unique code will be displayed including the sim status.

The display “B-Cap” means biometric capture. When you see “B-Cap: Yes” therefore, means your sim card has been registered successfully.

Seeing “B-Cap: No means unsuccessful registration.

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