Ghana Makes History As 1st Batch Of Students Graduates From Colleges Of Education Today

Ghana Makes History As 1st Batch Of Students Graduates From Colleges Of Education Today

Ghana Makes History As 1st Batch Of Students Graduates From Colleges Of Education Today

The first batch (Pioneers) of the B.Ed program across the 46 Colleges of Education (CoE) in Ghana ends their 4-year studies.

The Bachelor of Education was introduced in the year 2018 specifically the 2018/2019 academic year.

The high influx of teachers from basic schools keep rising therefore an adequate plan was drawn up to maintain teachers as well as equipped them with basic education knowledge of handling pupils.


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The motive of the program was also to train teachers that should remain in the basic schools where they can’t move from the Primary and Junior High School (JHS) schools to the Senior High School (SHS) and other areas that will minimize the total population of basic school teachers in the country.

Before the program came to light, numerous courses were mounted for teacher trainees to undertake within their four (4) years of studying as a Degree teacher.

Since the program was new in the Teacher Training College which is now The College of Education, new courses were added whereby some were maintained but their scopes were widened

For instance, some Colleges offered Child And Adolescent Development And Learning & Principles And Practice of Education in the 2018/2019 academic year (Level 100, first semester). Previously, the Diploma system split two (2) courses, one for Level 100 first semester and the other for the semester.

The scope and examination area of coverage went deeper as compared to the Diploma system. These and many others were some of the variations in the courses that the pioneers of Degree Teacher Trainees studied in College.

The courses ranged from child psychology, child development, special needs, general studies of the new standardized curriculum, and specific students on all the subjects that made up the new curriculum. In addition, all relevant education courses and theories that stands tall and has the tendency to shape new teacher the education system and government want in other to meet the 21st-century wave/ trend and beyond have been crafted and mounted carefully for studies across all the forty-six (46) Colleges of Education in Ghana adequately.

Since the inception of the B.Ed program, course materials, and infrastructure to accommodate all four (4) batches on campuses at a go, the strike in 2the 018/2019 academic year delayed the resuming of school. Also, the structure of the program made an exodus of teacher trainees drop from the school because they couldn’t meet the set credit hours thwarrantnts their redraw/ referral from the colleges totally including many more shortfalls a can be accompanied by the program.

To some extent, one might accept those challenges in good faith. Some people defended the challenges by saying that ‘it was the first time in college therefore it will have a tough time as compared to the previous Diploma system.

Indeed, commencing any project for the first time comes with shortfalls but then, when the shortfalls have not been treated to the core, myriad questions will form a queue to understand what principle lies under the transformation in the teacher training college (now College of Education).

In the 2020/2021 academic year (Level 300, second semester) teacher trainees were posted by their College’s Supported Teaching In School (STS) to attached schools for full classroom teaching (Macro Teaching) which lasted for three (3) months starting from the September -December 2021.

On 28th October 2022 across the length and breadth of Ghana, all colleges of Education will finish nurturing the first batch (Pioneers) of Degree teachers in both theoretical and practical studies.

By November and December, arrangements for their posting to commence their National Service will be released then in January 2023, the trainees will be expected to report to their various posted schools for the commencement of the National Service.

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