How Much Is Brenda Gantt Worth?

How Much Is Brenda Gantt Worth?

How Much Is Brenda Gantt Worth?

Brenda Gantt is a retired American schoolteacher who changed her profession into a chef and an internet personality. In March 2020, she went viral on Facebook for her biscuit-baking video. She currently hosts the program “Cooking with Brenda Gantt” on Facebook.
Brenda Gantt currently resides in Andalusia, Alabama. She is a native of Northport.

Brenda Gantt spent most of her career as a school teacher. She taught till her retirement.

In 2018, Gantt gained fame when one of her cooking videos went viral on Facebook after which she gained millions of followers on social media.
Her children and grandchildren call her “Big Mama”. Her viewers enjoy the recipes she makes.

Brenda Gantt owns The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast located outside of Andalusia, Alabama. Guests and Passers-by seem to like her recipes, especially fried pies, biscuits, and cheese grits a lot.

The Fame Of Brenda Gantt.

Brenda came to lamplight in the year 2020 when she posted a video on her Facebook page. The video which was about biscuit baking went viral.

She spoke to Fred Hunter of WBRC-6 in the same year, August, and said:

“One day I was just cooking lunch. And I thought, ‘Well, I’m just going to hold my phone up right here and I’m going to get my biscuit bowl, and I’m going to make these biscuits on my little Facebook and I’m going to put it on there.’”

She further said:

“My little 500 people I had on my Facebook, I guess they all shared it and they shared it and they shared it and within two weeks it had hit a million views, and I think right now it’s at 3-million views and America is making biscuits!”

At the time she granted this interview, she was approaching seven hundred thousand followers on Facebook. She later reached the one million milestones in September 2020 and two million, three hundred thousand in June 2021.

Net Worth Of Brenda Gantt

Her primary income source is Facebook. Facebook pays an average of $10 per every 1,000 views for food or cooking-related content.
Brenda has millions of views on almost all her videos which is why her net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. This figure will surely rise as she still posts content on her wall.

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