How to apply for a visa online 2022/2023

By | December 11, 2022
How to apply for a visa online 2022/2023

How to apply for a visa online 2022/2023

Applying for an online visa is the easiest way. In the use of Diversity Visa (DV), all the 2023 entries must use the electronic Diversity Visa entry form here

Apply for A Visa Online
when applying or registering for the 2023 visa online.

When can I apply for Diversity Visa 2022?

This year (2022), opportunities for the DV online program will be open or available in October for all applicants. Hopefully, it will be issued around 30th September, next year (2023).

Interested applicants in foreign countries can apply except for nationals that have high immigration (those coming from high migrating nations across the globe.

The upcoming 2023 application has listed 19 countries that have been exempted in thfromprogram.

There’s an African country part of the countries listed.

South Korea
China (Including Hong Kong SAR)
United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland)
Dominican Republic
El Salvador

Don’t employ any ‘Agent’ to fill the form for you. Even if you should, then, be present in person to give out the accurate details of yourself perfectly.

There’s no cash payment or it is not a money-paying service to apply online.
Upon completion and submission, expect a confirmation message in your entries. It means that you must input the correct details.

You will see a message on your screen bearing a unique confirmation number and your name in it.

Get a hard copy of it (print it out). The unique number becomes vital now because it will assist in other instructions as your process towards checking status among other related needs regarding visa applications.

|Apply for A Visa Online|

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