How To Use a VISA Gift Card On Amazon

By | December 10, 2022
How To Use a VISA Gift Card On Amazon

How To Use a VISA Gift Card On Amazon

Use a VISA Gift Card On Amazon. Here is a detailed guide on how you can use a VISA Gift Card to shop or buy items on Amazon’s online shopping website.

Shopping with ease is the world now. Currently, people are asking how? how? considering the use of a VISA card on Amazon.

How To Use a VISA Gift Card On Amazon

You need an account on Amazon first.

Get a stable internet connection. When you open the homepage of Amazon, options will display, select the one dubbed Your account and wait patiently for the direct menu.

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Secondly, move direct to the name Amazon Pay When you select it, it will enable you to *Add Gift another set of baloptionswhich has another sets of option for you.

The next on How To Use a VISA Gift Card On Amazon is tread carefully here because, you will be given a choice. The options are: add a gift /or add money to the said gift card.

Kindly select /or choose the option Add Money to Balance before proceeding to the 4th stage, input the amount.

The 4th stage. You have to scroll till you see More Ways to Pay then you add to a card. Provide the details on the gift card which are the name, card number, and the date of expiring stated on the card you are using.

Due to the inability of the Gift Card to automatically detect your location, you are expected to provide an address then when the system demands it.

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