How to Get Canada Scholarship For Indian Students-Apply Here

Canada Scholarship For Indian Students-

How to Get Canada Scholarship For Indian Students-Apply Here. If you are an Indian and it’s been your dream to live and study abroad and most especially Canada, then you have obviously made the right decision. Why? Canada is a country with just two international languages, thus, English and French.

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This makes your day to day activities less easier to be carried out since it can be really frustrating if you do not understand the language of the environment you living in.

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With a high world level education system, it has so many universities in the top university rankings in the world.

Canada also has a highly safe quality of life. With it being ranked the second country in the world to have high quality of life, Canada is considered as one of the few countries in the world with comparatively low crime rate.

Best scholarship in Canada for Indian Students:

Leverage Edu scholarship is the best scholarship in Canada for Indian students. It is a golden scholarship program for Indian students to study.

It offers to as high as an amount between ₹20,000 to ₹3,00,000 to help students in tuition fee and campus expenses. Best news is it is opened to all and sundry irrespective of your course choice.

How to apply for this scholarship:

Head on to Leverage Edu scholarship website: and fill out the form provided on the site. The details needed include:

  1. Full name (mandatory)
  2. E-mail (mandatory)
  3. Mobile number (mandatory)
  4. Why you want to get this scholarship? (mandatory) – This should be a very tangible reason with between hundred and fifty (150) to one thousand (1000) words.

All the best!!!

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