Importance of principles of Teaching and Learning

The layman explains principles as a set of rules that govern one’s behavior. Others explain principles as personal ideas that they follow to make them accepted in every society. Principle, according to the BBC English Dictionary is a belief that one has about behavior. Again, from the same source, the principle is a moral rule or scientific law about how something works. Generally, principles are beliefs, rules about how things happen or work, and the way one should behave. Principles of teacher must be conversant with.

Importance of principles
Principles are the foundation on which practical decisions, actions, and methods are based. That is, in the home and at the workplace decisions are taken, actions are put in place, and methods are modified to bring about efficiency. These are often based on principles that spell out what is workable.

Principles help one to understand and think of the appropriate practice or methods. Principles help the teacher to understand the various methods at her disposal, think about them critically and choose the appropriate one for instructional purposes.
Furthermore, principles make you a rational person, in the sense that you do not take impulsive decisions. They make you reflect or think, consult and accept constructive suggestions before implementing anything in the school.

Finally, principles help one to re-adjust and modify his/her method of teaching for efficiency.

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