Is River Valley Loans Legit?

Is River Valley Loans Legit?

Is River Valley Loans Legit?

Frankly, a lot of borrowers from Rivet Valley Loan always lodge complaints about how they run their services.

River Valley Loan according to customers there and numerous sources reported that they are not legit lenders. River Valley system is programmed to deduct what is not expected from them from borrowers’ accounts unlawfully without their permission.

According to some top comments on some sites, a victim said “they didn’t want to let me pay them off, they wanted to keep going into my bank account every payday and rob me until they got nearly $5000 for a $1,200 loan. It’s been 4 weeks and after coming into my bank account twice taking 291 dollars each time, I still had to pay them $1,261 to get out of my bank account. Where did these criminals come from?,” a victim of River Valley Loan online.

A well-known site that smokes bad acts of lenders online reported that people should stay away from River Valley Loan because they are inflicting pain on their targets.

Kindly stop any transaction with River Valley to save your life and hard earn monies. Working for money is tedious hence, place money and life value first before exposing your details to online “money milking persons.”

How can you know that online loans are legit?

How can identify a legitimate loan group online?

In the first place, check thoroughly for their details, that is their email, and location (address) physically not online. Take your time to read reviews about them online before any agreement.

Make sure you get proof that shows that they have registered duly.

What are some of the common types of loan scams online?


  1. Debt consolidation scam
  2. Loan fee scam
  3. No credit check scam
  4. Private student loan forgiveness

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