List of nursing schools near me

By | December 9, 2022
List of nursing schools near me

List of nursing schools near me

List of nursing schools near me have been outlined in this article to serve as the ultimate guide for interested individuals who wants to join the nursing profession.

Are you looking for excellent nursing schools or institutions near you that can equip you with the requisite skills for nursing?

You are at the right source for all nursing information. Our article gives you more insightful information regarding your needs.

The Nursing profession is one of the topmost passion-driven careers that need people who can replicate care, love, sympathy, and dedication to humanity through attention to patients’ needs generally.

nursing schools near me are one of the best keywords that prospective nursing applicants have been searching for online.

List of nursing schools near me

Below is the list of nursing schools near you;

The Mpilo Royal College of Health is one of the nursing schools that is near to you. The school is located in Gauteng Province specifically, in Johannesburg is a top-notch institution that equips its trainees with the required and maximum needs concerning your dream of becoming part of them.

The health college was established 15 years ago (2007). They had their accreditation from the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA).

The Education Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) also gave accreditation to Mpilo Royal College of Health to operate fully as a health institution.

The Qualifications for Diploma in Nursing.

Admission into Mpilo Royal College of Health is based on the applicants:

National Senior/ an equivalent qualification at Exist Level 3 and existing Level 4. The applicant is expected to have learned and have enough knowledge about subjects like;

a. Life Science at NQF level 4

b. Communication Skills at the NQF Level 4

c. Mathematical Literacy at the NQF Level 4

d. The Computer Literacy at the NQF Level 3

Another nursing school near me is Lethukukhanya Health Institute. It is classified as an avenue that trains people interesting in handling patients to the best satisfaction in the country at large.

In the year 1995, the Health Institute was birthed with a complete accreditation given by the sector in charge of accreditation known as Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA).

At Lethukukhanya Health Institute, the programs they offer include;

a. Child and Youth Care Work NQF Level 5,

b. The Method of Training Delivery

c. The Home-Based Care, NQF Level 1

d. The Social Auxiliary Work NQF Level 5

e. The Ancillary Health Care (AHC) NQF Level 1.

NB: They have specific requirements for each of the programs they run/offer.

The Ann Latsky Nursing College, Johannesburg, South Africa
The college is located in Johannesburg, specifically, Plunkett Avenue, Hurst Hill.

Formerly, the college was called Witwatersrand College of Nursing when it was established in 1951. As years pass by, the college had transformed in its name.

The new name, Ann Latsky Nursing College was changed in 1980 in other to give honor to Dr. Ann Latsky, their first Principal. He served the college for 6 years (1951 -1957)

Ann Latsky Nursing College has a different way of admitting applicants. They categorized their applications in three phases namely; phase one, phase two, and phase three.

The first slot (Phase one) is for the Senior certificate.

You must meet all the criteria here in other to be called for assessment in the next phase

The criteria are;

The biology pass rate of at least D HG or C SG
including English pass rate of at least D HG or C SG

For legal and a smooth step ahead, you must get points (15 points minimum) to guarantee your entering into the second phase.

For national senior certificate,

You must get a good rate here. Your English pass rate should be at least 50% (level 4), including a life sciences pass rate (at least 50% that’s: (level 4).

A minimum of 25 points is expected /required for National Senior Certificate before an applicant will be admitted into phase two.

For Your Information: Half of your original mark equates to your life orientation.

Final acceptance depends on the final Grade 12 result.

The second slot (Phase two);

You will be called for assessment only if you meet all the criteria stated in phase one.

The last slot (Phase three);

Here, a thorough check is applied. All shortlisted candidates will go through to a compulsory.

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Afterward, they will be shortlisted the second time through an interview.

Finally, the fortunate candidates will take a compulsory assessment test that encompasses a medical exam. and security verification for all their documents presented.

Here is the last fantastic nursing school near you;

Monash University.

The University has a Nursing and Midwifery School incorporated in it. Their nursing and Midwifery school is one of the excellent health schools/institutions among others in Australia.

The Monash University Nursing School is an institution that has a focus on training students to be the best among other avenues that equip their learners with the same skills.

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The school’s target is to empower students with enough practical learning and allow them to have in-depth knowledge on options related to clinical placements in the school.

They are listed among the global performing health schools with a position of 14th.

Campuses & Courses
They have campuses at Clayton and Peninsula. The campuses offer their undergraduate students a lot of study options in health and medical fields related areas as well.

Their Undergraduate Courses entails a Bachelor of Nursing separately and a Bachelor of Nursing//Bachelor of Midwifery (Honours). The courses are studied under 3 and 4 years respectively.

Requirements are as follows :

Applicants are supposed to purchase their applications through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).


I. 2021 Guaranteed ATAR of 70 for Clayton

2021 Guaranteed ATAR of 70 for Clayton campuses

II. Your prerequisite subjects will be English & Mathematics

Bachelor of Nursing slash Bachelor of Midwifery (i.e Honours)

I. 2021 Guaranteed ATAR of 82

II. You will undertake prerequisite the subjects: English & Mathematics

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