List Of online jobs in Us for international students

online jobs in Us for international students

online jobs in Us for international students

Working in the US as an international student is somehow stressful. You can’t be a full time employee. But thanks to digitization, the digital age has opened up numerous online job opportunities, which enable international students to earn money while they are still pursuing their education. These online jobs also known as side hustles are meant to be part time. Being an international student in the US, limits the number of hours you spend in a week for work. An international student US has a maximum of 20 hours per week to work while studying is still in progress, also when there is no studies or during vacations, these students can work up to 40 hours per a week.


Freelancing is doing specific work for clients without committing to full-time employment. Freelancers often take on multiple projects with different clients simultaneously. With freelancing, the client pays per project, per task, or per hour, depending on the agreement. Freelance projects typically involve short-term assignments, although satisfied clients often request follow-on work. Most freelance jobs are available in the skills, service, and creative sectors, such as copywriting, programming, engineering, marketing, graphic design, web development, writing, translation, and more.

Benefits of freelancing
Being your own boss as a freelancer comes with many potential perks, including:


Choice of clients and projects. .

Setting your own rates.

Improved skill set.

Exposure to global brands.

Disadvantages of freelancing
While being a freelancer offers many advantages, you’ll also want to consider potential downside concerns.


Uncertain job security.

Administrative responsibilities.

No employer-funded benefits

Where to go when you want to become a freelancer in the US?

Popular freelance platforms like




International students can create profiles on these platforms, showcase their skills, and bid on jobs that match their abilities and availability.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is defined as a process of tutoring where learners and tutors interact with each other from geographically separate locations using online, networked, or virtual environments

International students who excel in a particular subject or have a strong command of their native language can consider online tutoring as a viable job option.

                    Where to do online tutoring jobs?

Websites like


Chegg Tutors







These websites provide platforms for educators to connect with students seeking assistance in various subjects. Tutors can set their own schedules and rates, offering flexibility and the opportunity to earn a decent income while helping others succeed academically.

What qualifications do I need to become an online tutor?

There is no requirement to have specific qualifications to become a tutor. However, it will depend on the course level and type. Most tutors have an undergraduate degree, and some courses/subjects may require individuals to have specific qualifications.

Content Writing and Blogging

Content writing is the process of writing, editing, and publishing content in a digital format. That content can include blog posts, video or podcast scripts, ebooks or whitepapers, press releases, product category descriptions, landing page or social media copy … and more.

If you have a passion for writing, content creation can be a good online job. Many websites and blogs are always looking for talented writers to create quality articles, blog posts, and other written content. Also, starting a personal blog or YouTube channel or facebook page can be a creative way to monetize your skills and interests.

Where to start blogging?
















Remote Internships

Some companies offer remote internship opportunities that allow international students to gain valuable work experience while studying in the US. Remot internships allow students to sat in their comfort zone to do their internships. These internships can be paid or unpid, but they often provide the chance to work on real-world projects and build a network within your chosen industry. Websites like and LinkedIn can hep you find remot internship listing that match your field of study.

Many side hustles that are advertised everyday mostly do not work in most countries but it works most in the US. so if are an international student in the US and you want to enter into the online space to earn some income to help cater for some of your studying expenses, look nowhere than to stick closely to this article.

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