NSS Certificate Online Request 2021/2022 Details

NSS Certificate Online Request 2021/2022 Details

NSS Certificate Online Request 2021/2022-Details

Nss Certificate Online request is the process of initiating processes online to get your national service scheme certificate delivered to your doorstep.
What is NSS Certificate?
It is a certificate that is given to all graduates after their one year of mandatory service to the country.
Nss certificate serves as evidence that one has completed his/her one year service that is required by the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.
Without an nss certificate, one cannot be employed by any public institution to work in the country.

Which does nss normally start?
According to the nss calendar, nss postings are normally released in September every year.

Don’t Know your Nss number?
To find your nss number, you will need to enter your first name, last name, select your region, and enter the year that you start the nss in your nss portal.
After that, click on the search button in your nss login portal.

List of Requirements you need to fulfill to request for nss certificate online

•The applicant must have completed one (1) year of National service to the country.

•must have had their annual assessment form filled with a fair assessment of their performance by their immediate supervisor or Head of the User Agency where served.

•Submit Assessment forms at the various NSS District offices across the country

•Enter your National Service scheme Number for verification in the spaces provided

•Provide your Means of Identification

•Enter your details in the request form

•Make payment for delivery using nss approved payment systems.

How to login to nss certificate delivery portal
•Open your web browser
•Enter the address www.nsscertificate.com
•Enter your nss certificate number in the space provided
•Click on the search button and wait for feedback.
Drop your comments below if you can check your nss certificate status using the guidelines outlined in this article.

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