Presby Senior High Technical School Adukrom Courses And Details

Presby Senior High Technical School Adukrom Courses And Details

Presby Senior High Technical School Adukrom Courses And Details


Find PRESBY SENIOR HIGH TECH SCHOOL, ADUKROM achievement, mission, facilities, courses, location, statistics, category, description, and telephone.

The demand for secondary education has increased as a result of high completion rates at the Junior high School level. In response to this, several new public schools have been provided, whilst facilities in existing schools have been upgraded.
Trends in school placement from the Computer Schools Selection and Placement System (CSSPS)
indicate some disparity in the selection of schools. Students overwhelmingly choose the popular but few traditionally high-performing schools thereby leading to oversubscription of these schools.
Many schools that have significantly improved in recent years remain unknown and undersubscribed.
We believe that this anomaly is partly due to the lack of information available to students and parents.

No. of Students (SHS 1): 595
No. of Students (SHS 2): 669
No. of Students (SHS 3): 422
EMIS Code: 204320001
WAEC Code: 0020407

17 Classrooms, Library, Computer Lab, 2 Science Labs, Staff Common Room, 2 Dormitories.

3rd – National Cooking competition organized by Tasty Tom – 2016.
2nd – National Maths and Science Quiz.
1st – IInter-SchoolsFootball competition – 2016.

Telephone: 020 774 2292 / 024 418 3570
Location: Adukrom
Latitude: 6.015032
Longitude: – 0.073684
District: Adukrom-North

Gender Mixed
Housing status Day & Boarding
Year of Establishment 1991
Name of Head Samuel Obeng-Asamoah


In 1925, the school began its existence as a Middle Boarding school to serve Adukrom-Akuapem Township and its environment. The school was established in 1991. The school is situated at Adukrom-Akuapem near the Presbyterian Church building. The school land measures 16.0 acres, which was part of Presbyterian acquired land for which a site plan has been drawn and registered with the District Assembly.

Is to develop and expand areas of all the programs of study in the school for the benefit of the students.
The provision of a greater platform for teaching and learning centers for the community is our priority.

The mission is to forge a partnership between students and various communities to build a model secondary technical school where students can develop the skills and values that they need to realize their potential and contribute positively to their communities.

List of courses offered at Presby Senior High Technical School Adukrom

Presby Senior High Technical School Adukrom offers six major academic programs namely;

  • Technical
  • General Science
  • General Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Home Economics
  • Agriculture

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