St. Joseph’s Technical Institute Courses And Details

St. Joseph's Technical Institute Courses And Details

St. Joseph’s Technical Institute Courses And Details

ST. JOSEPH’S TECHNICAL INSTITUTE. Find ST. JOSEPH’S TECHNICAL INSTITUTE achievement, mission, facilities, courses, location, statistics, category, description, and telephone.

The demand for secondary education has increased as a result of high completion rates at the Junior high School level. In response to this, several new public schools have been provided, whilst facilities in existing schools have been upgraded.
Trends in school placement from the Computer Schools Selection and Placement System (CSSPS)
indicate some disparity in the selection of schools. Students overwhelmingly choose the popular but few traditionally high-performing schools thereby leading to oversubscription of these schools.
Many schools that have significantly improved in recent years remain unknown and undersubscribed.
We believe that this anomaly is partly due to the lack of information available to students and parents.

No. of Students (SHS 1): 418
No. of Students (SHS 2): 415
No. of Students (SHS 3): 362
WAEC Code: 9080901

15 Classrooms, Dining Hall, Library, Computer Lab.

Best school in She secondary / Technical category in the
Region – 2016.

Telephone: 024 628 0222
Location: Saboba
Latitude: 9.702752
Longitude: -0.317545
District: Saboba

Gender Mixed
Housing status Day & Boarding
Year of Establishment 1967
Name of Head Maxwell Atingyena


St. Joseph’s Technical School, Saboba was established by the SVD Missionaries of the Catholic Diocese of Tamale in 1967. It became Government assisted in 1984 and eventually gained boarding status in the year 2002. The school started with only two programs that are block Laying and
Concreting Craft; and Carpentry and Joinery Craft, currently run nine TVET Certificate Programmes and three Advanced Programmes.

To be an economically and socially sustainable TVET the system, delivering to Ghanaian youth knowledge,
skills and gospel values that support a productive life engagement and responsible citizenship.

To train highly proficient technical and vocational graduates with sound morals for formal employment using effective and sustainable approaches.

List of Courses offered at St. Joseph Technical Institute

St. Joseph Technical Institute offers four major academic programs namely;

  • Wood Construction
  • Building Construction
  • Fashion Designing Keyboarding
  • Accounting

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