Ten Reasons Why College of Education is Better Than University in Ghana

Ten Reasons Why College of Education is Better Than University in Ghana

Ten Reasons Why College of Education is Better Than University in Ghana

Attending College of Education (CoE) as opposed to university in Ghana has gained recognition in recent years, and with more and more people getting interested in this field of study, it’s becoming increasingly important to clarify the difference between attending college of education and attending university in Ghana. We’ve highlighted ten reasons why college of education is better than university in Ghana, so you can make an informed decision when choosing what path to take when pursuing higher education in Ghana.

Ten Reasons Why College of Education is Better Than University in Ghana

Check below the reasons why a College Of Education is better than a university in Ghana

Accredited by the government

The government accreditation for an institution has a number of benefits. It’s important to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth, which you can do by looking for government accredited institutions. Your diploma now degree will be recognized and accepted as it should be without any challenges. This ensures that if you need to go to another country, they won’t ask you why your degree is not from there. And even if they do, they also make sure that they check with them every year about whether our degrees will be acceptable or not. Do you know what happens when people think about things? They come up with ideas for new businesses!

Small classes

The number of students per class at the College of Education (COE) as compared to that at most Universities, for example, KNUST, will let you develop a more personal relationship with your tutors. This relationship will foster some sort of motivation, and drive towards getting good grades. For every student who has anything less than B’s or C’s as grades, there are always one or two tutors who have been highly willing to spend extra time with them after school or on weekends to help them understand why they should try harder or what they might have done wrong on an assignment. These after-school sessions can go a long way in helping a student develop confidence in themselves and understanding how their learning style works.


As a state-run institution, a college education is much cheaper than a university. There are very few students who go to school solely for tuition purposes; many attend to build up their resumes and professional networks. And thanks to state subsidies, low-income students don’t have to worry about paying for tuition either. It’s never been easier or more affordable to get an advanced degree! One thing you should remember: even though university tuition rates might be higher, be sure you can keep your spending on books down by taking advantage of used textbooks and study groups. You could save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars that way.

Low rate of student dropout

Unlike other tertiary institutions, College of Education has a low rate of student dropout. This means that students who enroll and register for education courses have greater success rates than those from other universities. In fact, only 5% of students who enrol in college education courses fail to graduate after four years. As such, instead of wasting your money on an unaccredited institution, why not try for prestigious educational institution(College of Education)? You won’t regret it!
Better teaching and learning experience
Most schools have come to understand that their teaching and learning processes need to focus more on 21st century skills than academic knowledge. While traditional lecture classes are still part of most professors’ lesson plans, there has been a growing emphasis on small group work, collaborative exercises, and individual projects. Educators at colleges also value diversity and inclusion: they seek out students from all different backgrounds who will bring perspectives and experiences into classrooms that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. If you’re looking for a student experience focused on delivering great results, then you should consider attending a college of education.
Wide range of specializations
At some universities, you may have a single major. However, at College of Education, there are more than ten majors including: Mathematics Education, Chemistry and Physics Education, English Literature and Language Education, History and Social Studies Education, Music education etc. It means you can focus on your specific interest without being concerned about how it will look on your CV or how valuable it will be to potential employers. And if your interests change? No problem! Most undergraduate programs allow you to specialize even further with minors or additional degrees. These diversions can be invaluable as they give you new skills and knowledge that can improve your career prospects as well as make you stand out from other graduates. Most importantly, they broaden your horizons by exposing you to topics that fall outside your comfort zone.

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Quality education at an affordable cost
one reason why college of education is better than university in Ghana, is because a student at COE can afford it without going into debts. Tuition fees at COE are subsidized by government and very affordable to middle class families even though with little complications due current economic hardship, but better than University. This means a graduate from COE will start their professional lives with little or no debt while graduates from Universities have to start working off school debts which could take them years before they are debt free(students loan). Another reason why college of education is better than university in Ghana, students at colleges of education study with Professors and lecturers who have real experience and who do more research on how education can be improved. Unlike some schools where students find themselves surrounded by mediocrity where teachers are lazy not dedicated to teaching but make their living from it.

Free housing facilities available on campus
Living on campus has its perks. Not only are you around an atmosphere that stimulates learning, but also your college dorm can become a home away from home. Many students have reported feeling more comfortable and secure knowing that there are people to talk to if they need it. With all of those benefits, one might wonder why more students don’t attend school on campus! The freedom and comfort are just some of many reasons students will love living on campus.

Varied extracurricular activities on campus
Many people who go to school in Ghana don’t have very many options when it comes to extracurricular activities on campus. Aside from your main classes, there isn’t much else that you can do after class or at lunch besides hang out with your friends. The fact that COE has so many different clubs and organizations means that students are more likely to find something they want to be involved with, so they never feel bored or uninterested.
Job prospects after graduation are high
This can be said about any college, but it’s especially true for those who are interested in becoming educators. While not everyone earns a job immediately after graduation, most positions are filled within one to two years—and sometimes much sooner. Teachers usually have an easier time finding a job than other professionals because they don’t need to have experience before entering employment. A bachelor’s degree and state licensure will do just fine. There are still opportunities even if you decide to teach abroad; many countries value teachers and attract people from all over the world who want to enter education.

|Ten Reasons Why College of Education is Better Than University in Ghana|

Written by Emmanuel Kwesi Kusedzi.

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