Top Canada Doctoral Scholarships For International Students

Top Canada Doctoral Scholarships For International Students

Top Canada Doctoral Scholarships For International Students

International students scholarship can study in Canada for their doctorate without any challenge.
Millions of students across the globe get hotspot benefits from Canada’s educational system.

Canada Doctoral Scholarship For International Students

Read HERE before applying for any.

Some scholarships are given out every year by the government of Canada and also by some universities to international students who have the dream of pursuing their Ph.D., Master or even undergraduate degrees outside.

All applicants must cross-check articles online, read them carefully, and finally decide on using the top Canadian scholarships for international students scholarship scheme in Canada that can best serve your purpose in the right sense /or direction.

Some scholarships are open to all nationals across the globe, meant for graduates aiming to climb the education ladder very high.

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Specifically, academic performances are the major criteria for accepting scholarship requests in Canada. You are therefore entreated to attain their minimum point before applying for your scholarship.

Read HERE before applying for any.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

The Ontario Trillium Scholarship is a scholarship is being offered to international students who have an interest in pursuing their Ph.D. in some selected provincial institutions.

Things you should do to be able to apply to include demonstrating very spectacular research potential and also meeting at least 80% of the rate of terminal examination for the immediate past two years.


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After nomination, the nominee must apply for the scholarship and this should include a transcript of records, academic intent, letters of reference, and other supplementary documents.

Note: One must perform satisfactorily to be able to continue enjoying the benefits of the Ontario Trillium Scholarship and more so, one may not be allowed to enjoy other scholarships alongside this scholarship at the same time.

Scholarship Amount: CAD 40,000 ($31,945) for 4 years
Eligible Degree:
Full-time doctorate degrees at Ontario-based institutions
Scholarship link:

Government Of Canada Postdoctoral Research Program

Different institutions under the government in Canada, namely: Natural Resources Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Health Canada & Public Health Agency of Canada have opened applications for their scholarship scheme to graduates in a field of natural sciences who wants to pursue Postdoctoral Research Program.

Upon successful completion, candidates would be allowed to work as Scientific Research (SE-RES) employees.

Note that this scholarship is available to all students who want to pursue Research Post Doctorate program at the universities in Canada.

It is also important to know that the scholarship is only open to people who graduated with a doctoral degree within the immediate past three (3) years even though, significant consideration may be given to people who are unable to apply within the 3 years.

Application Link:

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Vanier CGS award was created with the mindset of attracting the best and top Ph.D. students around the world.

This sponsorship of the Vanier CGS scholarship lies on the shoulders of the Canadian government. The Institute of Health, the Natural Science & Engineering Research Council, and the Social Science & Humanities Research Council are the three institutions the slots are distributed among.

Hundred and sixty-six (166) awardees who show research potential, leadership abilities, and more importantly academic excellence are given the Vanier scholarship annually.

Scholarship Amount: CAD 50,000 ($39,930) per year for 3 years
Eligible Degree: Doctorate
Scholarship link:

University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

This is a scholarship that is awarded to two (2) students with exceptional academic performance every year.

To be able to qualify for the University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship, the applicant must have high academic merit as well as high English proficiency.

This scholarship is renewed per term depending on the student’s performance. Students must be able to get a minimum GPA of 2.60 per term to be able to receive funds for the subsequent term.

Scholarship Amount: CAD 15,000 ($11,980) a year
Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s degree at the University of Calgary
Scholarship link:

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF)

Students with exceptional academic performance may apply for this scholarship when they want to pursue their master’s degree or Ph.D.

The minimum required GPA for this scholarship is 3.0 as different faculties in the institution may require a higher GPA. After an applicant passes through the processes and is selected, he or she would be notified through E-mail.

The maximum assistance duration is 5 years. It, therefore, implies that one who pursues his or her master’s degree in a two (2) year period is still eligible to pursue a three (3) year Ph.D. funding scholarship.

Scholarship Amount: CAD 14,000 ($11,180) a year for 1-2 years for MMasters’sstudents, CAD 18,000 ($14,375) a year for 1-4 years for Ph.D. Students
Eligible Degree: Full-time Masters’s and Doctorate degrees at the University of Manitoba
Scholarship link:

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