Top NTC Reforms In 2023 Fresh Candidates Must Note

By | January 3, 2023
Top NTC Reforms in 2023 Fresh Candidates Must Note

Top NTC Reforms in 2023 Fresh Candidates Must Note

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has made some reforms that will be effective this 2023.

NTC sensitization In Colleges Of Education

Earlier, the council carried out a sensitization exercise throughout all the forty-six (46) Colleges and Education in the country using a schedule communicated to the Colleges and trainees before rolling out on the kickstart date.

The new reform by NTC is about licensure examination which is set to commence after the (NTC) announces the official date for the examination.

According to the sensitization, NTC communicated that the licensure examination will test the proficiency of the newly trained teacher and award him/her after successful pass merit.

Duties Of NTC

As part of the mandates of the National Teaching Council (NTC), the council is in charge of organizing licensure examinations for all the forty-six (46) Colleges of Education under their care of bringing forth the best 21st-century Teachers after passing through numerous exams in their respective Colleges.

The license will be a standard type that can be used internationally not only in Ghana.

NTC is accountable for all the activities and efforts it will take to complete a successful test or/ exams for would-be Teachers before they eventually get ready for the job market/classroom.

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Top 2022 NTC Reforms That Every Newly Trained Teacher Must Know

Teacher Trainees according to NTC will write a Computer-based test as part of the new reform starting in the year 2023. Purposefully, to measure the quality of newly trained teachers who are about to commence their careers professionally and satisfy the qualify per international standards.

Top NTC Reforms For This Year

The new reform has structured the exams in three (3) main streams which are:

  1. General Paper
  2. Related Pedagogy
  3. Teaching Subject-based Paper

General Paper entails Literacy which is (English Language), Numeracy (Mathematics), and Essential Skills. The makeup of learners is hinged on the components in this paper hence, Teachers must PASS this paper to prove their efficiency in totality.

The Pedagogy Paper is made up of arts, and science including the main career path, professional teaching/Teacher.
This paper will focus primarily on the styles of teaching and which one fits best depending on the type of learners a Teacher has in a classroom, feedback from all ends, not excluding assessments, and the different methods of teaching collectively in the nurturing of the future leaders.

The Subject Based paper has a makeup of questions that will test Teacher proficiency in the areas they chose to specialize in the way back in College. The Subject-Based paper is a yardstick to measure the requisite knowledge new Teachers have and will exhibit confidently when posted/absorbed by the government finally.

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