Updated: Salaries of Government Workers In Ghana 2022

By | September 20, 2022
Updated: Salaries of Government Workers In Ghana 2022

Updated: Salaries of Government Workers In Ghana 2022

The salary of all Government workers has been tallied in this compressed article for the perusal of all information seekers on the n salaries of government workers in Ghana.

There are myriad of workers out there who keep surfing the net for valid and relevant information on the salaries of government workers in Ghana hence the publishing of this very article to educate the masses on how salaries are paid in the government sector of Ghana.

Categories Of Public Sector Workers

In Ghana, there are categories in the payment of public sector workers. They are Category A, B, and C.

The first category of government work is believed to the Article 71 office holders and CEOs.

The GRA, VRA, SSNIT, GNPC, GPHA, Aviation, Ghana Gas, ECG, Banks, NEDCO, GWCL, COCOBOD, Research Institutions (CSIRS), FDA, GSA, Audit Service, Lecturers, among others are the category B workers.

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the category C workers, entail Teachers, Nurses, Midwives, Prison Officers, Local government workers, Fire service, Police, etc.

Excluding the Police, all the above-mentioned in this category receive their salary through The Controller and Accountant-General’s Department (CAGD).

The category C workers are the less paid public workers in Ghana with regards to A and B.


What is the salary of government workers in Ghana?

Workers under article 71 earn between GH¢ 28,017 and GH¢ 47,277 as a monthly salary.

B takes between GH¢4,500.00 to GH¢20,000.00

In estimation, the category C public workers are paid between GH¢1,000.00 and GH¢3,500.00

In addition to the salary structure above, there are other benefits associated with the monthly take pay. Every office has an allowance, serving on committee pay, including accommodation and utility fees.

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