Salary of MPs in Ghana 2022/2023, Check Now

Salary of MPs in Ghana 2022/2023

Salary of MPs in Ghana 2022/2023

The Members of Parliament (MP) in Ghana are referred to as the Lawmakers of the country.

Speculations have it that a lot of Ghanaians are asking for the monthly take home pay of their MPs across board.
In our research on net and from numerous news outlets, we have gathered facts on the estimated salaries of MPs in Ghana.

Resuming office as a Lawmaker /or MP in Ghana means you have ben voted by people of your constituency.

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As a Member of Parliament (MP) your are the face of your constituency or a representatives of your people hence, you must meet them very often in other to send petitions from them to the Parliament (where they will be scrutinized thoroughly) before acceptance.

What is the salary of an MP In Ghana ?

Members of Parliament in Ghana earns as high as GH¢29,000.00 per month said by the MP for Ningo Prampram, Sam George during an interview at Accra-Starr Fm.

Disclosing in the interview, he said taxes, are deducted from the above mentioned gross salary. After numerous deductions, they are left with a little amount of money.

Adding, he explained another scheme that is yet to deduct or save money to save MPs who are out of the Chamber /or house.

“We decided that MPs who leave Parliament have no pension and you see former MPs living wretched lives so we want to start a pension scheme adding that GH¢1,500.00 is taken out from the salary.”

The salary structure of sole MPs are different from MPs that are holding other positions apart from their “constituency elected votes.” Such persons earns higher salary because, their duties and responsibilities have being doubled.

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