Updated: Salary Of Government Teachers In Ghana 2022/2023

Updated: Salary Of Government Teachers In Ghana 2022/2023

Are you looking for Salary of Government Teachers In Ghana 2022/2023? Today, we are pleased to present to you all that you need to know about the salary of Teachers in Ghana 2022/2023.
A Teacher is an educator who imparts Knowledge and Skills into others.

Requirements to be A Teacher In Ghana
-Holders of Diploma in Basic Education
-Bachelor Of Education(B.Ed )
-Pass Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination

Duties Of A Teacher
•Teachers must Contribute very well at staff meetings;discuss administrative matters, problems affecting the school, share ideas and plan ways to teach effectively.
•Promote the kind of discipline that lasts and is carried outside the school into the community
•Teachers should learn to discipline themselves and be the first to disapprove of their peers who break the agreed rules of the school
•Teachers should March with their pupils to the classroom from assemble or from general singing in order to avoid them pushing and knocking themselves
•The teacher should stand behind his/her class at assemble and at any other gathering of the school
•Every teacher must make that his classroom is properly swept, table dusted and chair well arranged before assemble
•Occasionally give pupils small prizes like pens and books for good work done or for other achievements
•If a pupil performs well in sports and/or class work, give him/her the praise he/she deserves
•Teachers should write up the remarks column in their notebooks regularly
•Punctuality is the soul business;a teacher should therefore set a good example by coming to school regularly and punctuality. At the same time, check on late coming and absenteeism of the children.

Salary is a fixed amount of money paid to a worker usually on a monthly or annual basis, not hourly, as wages.

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Degree Teachers Salary In Ghana 2022/2023

Salary of Government Teachers in Ghana 2022/2023 ranges from GHS1800.00 (lowest) to GHS2500.00 (highest) per month.
NB: This depends on the number of years of being in the teaching profession

salary of SHS teachers in Ghana

The salary of Senior High School Teachers in Ghana ranges from GH₵808.68 to GH₵3,957.86 per month – 2022.

Salary Of Government Teachers in Ghana 2022/2023, Check details below;

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