2022 WASSCE Timetable Released For Candidates

2022 WASSCE timetable released for candidates

2022 WASSCE timetable released for candidates

2022 WASSCE timetable released for candidates. Here is the West African Senior High School Certificate Examination Timetable for school candidates in Ghana.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has released the 2022 timetable ahead of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) which will commerce in August.

Per the release timetable, the examination has been scheduled for one (1) month starting from Monday, August 1st 2022 to Tuesday, September 27th 2022.

It’s now the duty of the candidates to check the full details of the released document.


Monday, 1st August 2022


Tuesday, 27th September 2022.

WAEC disclosed in the document that, they will give out Question Papers in advance for students to on before the actual date.

In case the timetable’s time differ from the paper’s time, the paper’s time should be the standard time until any notice is served.

General Knowledge-In-Art (GKA) Paper 3

In addition, the Question Paper for General Knowledge-In-Art (GKA) 3 will be given to candidates weeks ahead (two weeks before) the paper’s date is due.

The Project Work Papers

The question papers for the following project works:

i. Basketry
ii. Graphic Design
iii. Leatherwork
iv. Ceramics
v. Sculpture
vi. Textiles,
vii. Picture Making,
viii. Jewellery
will be forwarded to the candidates two (2) weeks before the actual examination date is due.

Also, WAEC said, information regarding date of delivery for the papers to the candidates will be known to all schools as a early as possible.

A schedule for Extra Time for visually and hearing impaired candidates have been added adequately.

The impaired candidates are allowed for an extra one and half (1 and 1/2 hours) in addition to the actual time on the question paper.

2022 WASSCE timetable released for candidates

Download 2022 WASSCE TImetable Below

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