COE: Sample Quiz Questions on Educational Statistics
Educational stats

COE: Sample Quiz Questions on Educational Statistics

  1. You have data on the long vacation earnings of a sample of 1,000 University of Cape Coast students. What kind of graph is most appropriate to use to describe the distribution of their earnings?
    A. Bar chart

B. Box and Whisker.

C. Histogram
D. Pie chart.

  1. You are writing an article for the SRC newspaper about the cost of attending a university. You want to make a graph to compare costs at your institution and three similar institutions. The most appropriate choice of a graph would be a

A. bar chart.
B. frequency polygon.
C. histogram
D. pie chart.

3.The Registrar of the University of Cape Coast wants a pictorial representation of the degree classifications of the 2004 graduated class. Which of the following graphs would be the most appropriate for him to use?

A. Frequency polygon

B. Histogram
C. Line graph
D. Pie Chart

  1. Histograms are most useful for representing data when the scale of measurement is
    I. Interval

II. Nominal


IV. Ratio

A. I only.
B. IV only
C. I and IV.
D. 1, 111, IV.

5.In an end-of-semester examination, a mean of 60.0 was obtained by a statistics class. 1he niclan ScOre was 54.0, The performance of the class can be said to be

A. normally distributed

B. skewed to the left.

C. skewed to the right.

D. is unimodal.

  1. A group of 20 students earned a class mean of 30 on a qu1z. The second group of 50 students had a mean score of 45 on the same test. What is the mean score of the
    50 students?

A. 30.0

B. 37.5


D. 45.0

  1. In a class quiz, a mean of 62 was obtained with a median of 48. How would the performance of the class be described’

A. Above average

B. Average


D. Low

  1. Scores on a statistics qu1z are as Follows.







The median for this distribution is

A. 7.5

B 25.0

C. 26.5

D. 28.0

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