B.Ed Curriculum Resource Hub For Colleges Of Education Launched

B.Ed Curriculum Resource Hub For Colleges Of Education Launched
Curriculum Resource Hub

Sky News Ghana Media Company has officially launched the Bachelor Of Education Curriculum Resource Hub for Colleges Of Education in Ghana.

The Resource Hub contains Course Books, Course structure, Marking Schemes, and examination past questions for level 100, level 200, level 300, and level 400 B.Ed Students.

The Resource will be updated regularly with the latest teaching and learning materials as soon as we received them.

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University of Cape Coast Affiliated Colleges of Education Learning Materials

learning materials for Colleges of Education affiliated to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Yr1 Sem2 Sample supplementary Maths Tasks for COE student Teachers

Yr1 Sem2 sample supplementary maths Tasks for COE student Teachers 2

Supported Teaching in Schools-KNUST

yr1 sem2 sample supplementary maths Task for COE student Teachers3

Yr1 sem2 sample Supplementary Maths Task for COE student Teachers

Yr1 sem2-All -Specialisms-French Course Manual

Yr1 Sem2 Sample Supplementary Maths Task for COE student Teachers with Solutions

All specilalism-Growth-Development-Learning -Coures Manual

All specialism-Mathematics-Course-Manual

All Specialism-Language-Literacy-Course-Manual

All Specialism-Inclusive-Inquiry-Based-Learning-Course-Manual

All Specialism-Foundation -Education-Course-Manual

All Specialism-Foundation-Education-Course-Manual 2

All Specialism -Social-Studies-Technical-Vocational-Course-Manual

All Specialism ICT-Course Manual

All Specialism IIntegrated -Science 1-Course-Manual

All Specialism-Comm-Skills-Course-Manual

All Specialism-French-Course -Manual-

All Specialism PEMD -Course -Manual

All Specialism-Mathematics-Course-Manual


Yr1 Sem1 Knust-B.ed -JHS-Curriculum

Yr1 sem2 Knust-B.ed-upper-Primary-Curriculum

Yr1 -Sem2 -Knust-B.ed-Early-Grade-Curriculum

Yr1 Sem1 Knust-B.ed Upper-Primary-curriculum

Sample Questions on So Long A Letter

Gender and Development in Africa

Schoool management and Administration Unit 2&3

New guidance and Counseling Pdf

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INSET Trial questions

INSET Trial Question2

Guidance and counseling Past Questions

Organization And administration of Sports

UCC Assessment plan for Second Semester

Nature of School Organization and Management Unit 1

So Long A Letter Q and A

Learning theories past Questions

History and Development pdf

English in Multilingual Content and its origin

English as Multilingual pdf

Twi Marking Scheme

School Management and Administration past questions

Full Past questions on Inservice Education and Training

Q&A On School Management and Administration

2021 June INSET Mid Semester Marking Scheme

Aesthetic Evaluation of Selected Works In the Performing Arts Pdf

African Poems PDF

African poetry During Colonization

Algebra 1 Marking Scheme Quiz II

Assessment Past questions PDF

Child And Adolescent Development and Learning PDF

Child And Adult PDF

Computer literacy 2 PDF

Computer literacy 4 PDF

Core-EPS-203 Introduction To Educational Research

Course Outline Year Three Semester One

Course Outline Year Three Semester One PDF 2

Course Structure Year Three Semester Two

Curriculum studies In Mathematics

EBS 132 chemistry Notes From Ucc 2

EBS 137 Twi Marking Scheme 1

EBS 137 Twi Marking Scheme

EBS 282 Forms And Functions Try Test

EBS301 Calculus Sample questions

EBS 302P Questions

EBS 313 Marking Guide 1(2021)

EBS 313 Psychological Perspective Of RME

EBS 358 Introduction To Textiles

EBS322-Mathematics 1

EBS 375 Health Management Model Questions

Education Pasco

Educational statistics Note 2

Phonetics And Phonology Pdf

Elementary Algebra (End Of Semester 1)

Elementary Algebra 1

End Of semester Exam EBS301 Calculus

English Methods Questions And Answers

English As multilingual PDF

English In Multilingual Context And Its Origin PDF

English Language Studies 1

Final Lecture Note EBS314

Final Research Questions

Forms Functions of Clause Pack

Full Notes On Modelling, Casting and Carving

Full Pdf Curriculum In Mathematics

Fundamentals Of IT Pasco

Gen.Physics Marking Scheme

Gender And Development In Africa

Gender And Development In Africa 2

Gender And writing 2

Gender Dev Module Questions

Gender Trials

General biology 2 Pdf

General chemistry Practical Three 2

General curriculum Full Book

Ghanaian language as MOI

Gh as a MOI

Global studies In Africa

Global studies In Africa PDF 2

Global studies In Africa Model Objective Questions

GMOI Marking Scheme Quiz II

Guidelines For Scoring Level 100 Portfolio

Health And safety Trial Questions

History And Development In Africa

HIV And AIDS Past Questions

HIV AND AIDS And Other Endemic Diseases

HIV And AIDS And Other Endemic Diseases 2

I.C.T Method Past Questions

I.C.T Integration In Education

Information Literacy End of Semester Trial Questions

Information Literacy End of semester past questions

Language And Linguistic

Instructional Designs

Instructional Designs 2

Learning Theories Past Questions

Likey examination Questions for level 300

EBS245 Marking scheme

Marking Scheme For Oral Literature

Marking scheme for Computer Literacy

Maths Elective 2 Copy

Maths Methods For JHS 1

Maths Methods Likely Questions

Maths Methods Trial Question

Methods of Teaching Science Complete Note

Method of teaching mathematics

Methods of Teaching RME full note

Method of teaching TWI

Morality And Social Values In Africa

Non-Traditional Animal Farming

Child and Adolescent Past Questions

PCE FFoundation Quiz1

Perf Arts Methods 11 Notes

Phonology And Phonetics of English language Full Note

Physical Exercise Likely Exam Questions

Principles And methods of teaching social studies

Probability questions

Psychological Basis of Teaching and Learning Mathematics

Research Methods Marking Scheme

Sample essay On Forms and Functions of English Clause

SMA In Trends

Special Needs Marking scheme

Special Needs Pasco

EBS 433 History And Development Of Education In Ghana PDF

EBS 407 Professional Practice & Ethics In Teaching PDF

Vectors & Mechanics PDF

History Of Ghana From Ancient Times To The Present Q & A

Mathematical Investigation PDF

History And Development Of Education In Ghana PDF

Professional Practice and Ethics in Teaching Past Questions PDF

Colleges Of Education Second Semester Courses For Level 400 B.Ed Trainees, Check Now

Past Questions For Colleges Of Education-PDF Format

NTC Launches Past Questions and Answers Portal For Licensure Exams-Portaprep

NTC Literacy Questions and Answers Download, Check Now

New:NTC Essential Skills Questions and Answers Download

New:NTC Numeracy Questions and Answers

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