Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Requirements, Check Now

Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Requirements, Check Now

Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Requirements, Check Now

About Ghana Scholarship Secretariat

Ghana scholarship secretariat is a state-owned institution that provides scholarship schemes for deserving students who applied to the institution for assistance. The services provided by the institution a free and no Individual, Group, or Third Party entity has been engaged by the Secretariat to assist any applicant.

Modules of Ghana Scholarship Secretariat

The scholarship program is divided into two categories, thus the Local Tertiary and the Foreign Tertiary Awards.

Local Tertiary Categories

Postgraduate students enrolled in public tertiary institutions in the country benefit from the Local Tertiary Awards through the payment of Thesis and Bursary.

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Another area the award scheme satisfies is the long-staying Ghanaian medical students and also students found to be physically challenged. These students must have been enrolled in any of the public tertiary institutions in the country.

Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Requirements

What are the requirements for Local Tertiary Awards?

A. all interested applicants must heed to following Local Tertiary Award requirements:

i. Applicants MUST gain admission into the university first.

ii. MUST register and be called to undertake the course required of them.

iii. Applicant MUST be enrolled in an institution recognized by the National Accreditation Board.

iv. Both public and private institutions are under consideration.

v. Nurses/Teacher Training Colleges, Colleges of Agriculture, Polytechnics, Technical Universities, Universities, and Certificate awarding tertiary institutions.

B. During each academic year, applicants who are continuing students MUST apply between 1sthe t of April and 15th of May.

C. The deadline for applying by new students who happen to be on late admission is between the 1s and 30th of September.

D. An aptitude test will be conducted for all applicants in the process of apapplyingnline.

E. In their selected districts, all applicants will face an interview panel.

F. To confirms and validates documents, all information provided by the applicant will be forwarded to their institutions.

G. Successful applicants will be presented via the Scholarship Secretariat, an electronic letter.

H. Respective institutions receive payments of the scholarship entitlements.

Foreign Tertiary Categories

This category covers education in foreign countries. Foreign Tertiary Awards are been based on a Bilateral Cooperation Agreement between the Local Government and the Government of the foreign country.

Currently, the countries that fall under this category include Hungary, China, Russia, Algeria, Morocco,d the German Government Doctoral Programme (DAAD).

What are the requirements for Foreign Tertiary Awards?

A. Relevant information about existing beneficiaries
Foreign beneficiaries are to be given portals for the annual renewal of the scheme.

B. Prospective Bilateral Applicants
Upon the confirmation of the award by the scheme, they must complete the online application.

C. Non-Bilateral Applicants
In the advertisement, all persons who are not prospective bilateral applicants will be received.

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