GIMPA Law School Admission Forms 2022/2023-Best Online Portal

GIMPA Law School Admission Forms 2021/2022

GIMPA Law School Admission Forms 2022/2023-Best Online Portal

Are you looking for GIMPA Law School Admission Forms 2022/2022? Today, we are happy to present to you all that you need to know about GIMPA Law School Admission 2022/2023.
GIMPA Law School is one of the faculties under University.
The GIMPA Law School was established in 2010 to prepare students to become great attorneys by combining mainstream theoretical training with clinical programs.
Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration Law has been a place of choice and continues to provide the best environment for the study of the law and its future practice.
GIMPA Law School Admission Requirements
The GIMPA admission requirements are Three credit passes in core subjects and three credit passes in elective courses.

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GIMPA Law School Admission 2021/2022

GIMPA Law School 2021/2022 Courses

•Ghana Legal System
•Legal Method
•Constitutional Law I & II
•Law of Contract I & II
•Criminal Law I & II
• Law of Torts I & II
• Law of immovable property I & II
•Equity and succession I & II
•Jurisprudence I & II
•Long Essay I & II

Elective Courses
•Environmental Law
•Labour and Employment Law
•Law of Devolution and Decentralisation
• Security Transactions Law
• Law of Banking
• Law of Trust
•Insurance Law
•Family and Domestic Relations Law
•Taxation and Revenue Law
•Intellectual Property Law
•Criminology and Forensics
•Commercial Law I & II
• Conflict of Law I & II
•Public International Law I & II
•Company Law I & II
• International Trade and Investment Law
•Administrative Law
•Human Rights Law
•Policymaking and The Law
•Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Media Law

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