How To Book NSS Online Appointment Letter

How To Book Nss Online Appointment Letter

How To Book Nss Online Appointment Letter

Here is the step to book your NSS Regional Appointment online.

Booking an NSS appointment letter online sounds difficult but following a guide makes it simple and less stressful.

We have described the steps on how to book Nss online appointment and print the letter easily here.

How To Book Nss Online Appointment Letter

  • In the first place, kindly log in to your dashboard through your browser with valid credentials
  • Next, scroll/locate the “Regional Registration Verification Appointment”

Click it. A menu will appear with a caption at the top as “Appointment”

  • On this displayed page,
  • you also see the name of the youcenterintment center and locaticolortten in color.
  • The next action on that page is to select your preferred appointment date.

To select your preferred appointment date, you have to click the rectangular box above “Find Available Slot”

If you click on the box, dates will appear for you to select your preferred appointment date.

  • Select a date and find an available slot.

Expect another page that will display statistics of the number of people who have booked an appointment already for that day with dates matched to their preferred time.

  • Go through the time on the left side of the page and select your preferred time for the appointment.

On the same page, you will also see “schedule appointment” and “cancel” at the bottom.

  • Select schedule appointment and expect a mail confirming the appointment you have booked at the regional.
  • To complete the process, you have to print the Regional appointment letter along.

On your Regional appointment letter, your selected date and time will be in the letter.

Print it and submit it at the Regional for Verification.

List Of Some NSS Questions & Their Answers

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ATTENTION: NSS Regional verification is compulsory for all Service Personnel

FAQ:Please when are we supposed to start working?

RESPONSE:Work starts officially Monday 6th, November 2023,

However, if the user agency/school you whasn’tted to, hasn’t accepted you yet or given you a date to start work, you have to wait till you are accepted by your user agency then you ask them when you can report to duty.

FAQ: Please what should I do if I am rejected at where I was posted to?

RESPONSE: If you are rejected by your User Agency, the user agency will either give you a rejection la letter or write a reposting on the Appointment letter you submitted and stamp it.


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After this is done and your appointment letter is given back to you, submit it to any NSS office close to you for a random posting again(will take some days). Then you keep checking your dashboard for the new place you will be posted.

NOan TE: Don’t book an appointment if you are rejected, just submit your appointment letter back to NSS. But if you want to be posted to a particular organization then you need to do Special Reposting (you will get it in a few hours).

FAQ:Sir please do I have to do the NSS regional registration before I start Work because the date I got when I booked is far?

RESPONSE:Not Necessarily, if a booked and accepts you, you can start work anytime they ask you to start.

However, if your posting changes aftwantuto the reports are accepted by the initial user agency/school, you have to go to the new user agency now or report to the NSS office close to you let’s see how we can assist you.

FAQ: Please can I book an appointment if my letter hasn’t been endorsed?

RESPONSE: NO, Booking an appointment for regional verification is only for those who have been accepted at their place of posting school says to wait they will call you or give you feedback, kindly wait for r their feedback don’t book an appointment.

FAQ: Please Can I do my Ezwich now?

RESPONSE: Yes if you are posted to subvented Category you can do an ezwich card from any banana k.

Those who have an ezwich card already can use it. Meanwhile, I will ad appointments to try and get a new one to prevent any problems.

Please, just print one.

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