How Jobs Are Available In Commercial Banks

How Jobs Are Available In Commercial Banks

How Jobs Are Available In Commercial Banks

Thousands of jobs are available in commercial banks all over the world. Works ranging from loan operations to safe keeping of documents for customers among others.

Which Career Paths Are Available In Commercial Banking?

If you find your interest, career, and future in financial services, then starting with the commercial banking industry won’t be a bad idea. Lots of people started it all as a teller or even a call center representative and work their way up to other higher positions in the service. Depending on your skills and interest, you may even consider enrolling in a degree program in a related field. If find yourself interested in higher positions in the service, it will be best to start by being a teller.

In this position, you will be responsible for hiring other bank employees, assessing their risks, and preparing budgets and procedures. Also, you will deal with brokers and make final judgments about loan applications, delinquent accounts, and other products. Some tasks do overlay with others and sometimes with customer service, which may result in you acting in a manager’s position. You can decide to elevate yourself up the organizational ladder.

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Another option for you is to become a credit analyst. These people deal with the underwriting of loan requests which may advance you to a relationship manager’s role after a few years on the job.

What Is The Purpose Of Commercial Banks?

The main aim of commercial banks is to serve as agents to their customers and clients. They provide services like management of trading accounts, payment of dividends, and investment into other companies. They also accept precious personal belongings and legal documents for safe keeping. Commercial banks earn fees that are deducted from customers’ accounts in exchange for the service and transactions they provide them with.

Jobs Available At The Commercial Bank And Their Expected Rate Of Increment

These are some of the work positions in commercial banks with an indication of their expected growth rate;

  1. Account Manager – 5%
  2. Personal Banker – 4%
  3. Internal Auditor – 6%
  4. Teller – -12%
  5. Loan Assistant – 5%
  6. Loan Officer – 8%
  7. Branch Manager – 16%
  8. Mortgage Officer – 8%
  9. Underwriter – – 5%
  10. Credit Analyst – 4%

Commercial bankers are most likely to be tasked with working with clients and providing services to the community. You can reach an executive level and earn yourself a huge salary or wages in the process with the right skills. There are endless opportunities in the commercial banking sector.

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