How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Non-durables?, Check Now

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Non-durables?, Check Now

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Non-durables?, Check Now

There is a rapid growth in the consumer non-durables industry which is estimated to be around ten thousand (10,000) newly created jobs.
Here is a guide that provides a review and the employment level in the consumer non-durables industry. The guide shows that there is an adequate number of jobs available in this sector which allows growth to continue.

What Is The Consumer Non-Durable Industry About?

This refers to an industry that produces expendable items, goods, or services. This means that the products made by this industry are perishable. Some of these products include food, cosmetics, and fabrics among others.

How Jobs Are Available In Capital Goods?
Consumer non-durables are divided into two categories, which are;

• Packaged goods
• Non-packaged goods

Because this sector covers a large portion of the economy, it created a lot of jobs for the working population.

What Are The Differences Between Durable And Non-Durable Goods?

Goods are either durable or non-durable depending on the category. Here are some of the differences between the two;

  1. Durable goods last for a long period while non-durable goods are consumed within the shortest possible period.
  2. The demand for durable goods is high as compared to that for non-durable goods.
  3. Durable goods are not limited to a single use while non-durable goods are limited to only one use.
  4. Durable goods are usually fixed assets such as vehicles, appliances, tools, and equipment while non-durable goods are most likely to be clothing, cosmetics, packaged foods, office supplies or equipment, detergents, and beverages among others.
  5. Durable goods are also known as Slow Moving Consumer Goods (SMCGs) while non-durable goods are referred to as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs).

Which Jobs Are Available In Consumer Non-Durable Industries?

There are diverse jobs available in this industry of which the most common ones are within the production and manufacturing sectors. Here are some highlights;

• Human Resource Manager

• Marketing Manager

• Information Analyst

• Product Manager

• General Manager

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