How Much Is Rayquaza Ex Worth?

How Much Is Rayquaza Ex Worth?

How Much Is Rayquaza Ex Worth?

With the popularity of Rayquaza over the years among the legendary Pokemon, it is not surprising that so many cards have been made for it. They are prized by collectors who sell them for very high sums of money.

Below is a detailed list of Rayquaza cards with their prices.

  1. Rayquaza EX (Dragons Exalted) – $100
    Back in the day, this was one of the strongest EX cards in the Pokemon TCG. It managed to get into the top eight (8) at the World Championship back in 2013. Bristow retreated each turn after attaching a lot of energy and sending it back to the battlefield for damage. This happened after the combination of Keldeo-GX, Eelektrik, and Float Stone.
  2. Rayquaza GX (Celestial Storm) – $120
    Rayquaza GX is one of the most powerful and well-known GX cards of all time. In the world championship back in 2018, Decks feature the card and it was dominated at the time till now, it’s still useful in the Pokemon Online Global Championships. Rayquaza GX or Celestial Storm will likely see the use in standard play until it becomes illegal. There are other ways to place huge energy on the card to unleash a devastating attack.
  3. Rayquaza EX (Dragon) – $130
    It was printed in the form of lightning and fire previously. It combines the two of them to establish a Pokemon which is capable of launching a one-hit knockout to any player attached to it immediately. to launch serious attacks, it has become a normal theme with Rayquaza cards to energize before discarding. As a strange weakness, the Pokemon had many resistances which is regarded as not normal in the Pokemon TCG.

In all, these are some of the most popular Rayquaza cards available for collectors.

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