How To Apply For Bacs Huayu Scholarship 2022/2023

How To Apply For Bacs Huayu Scholarship 2022/2023

How To Apply For Bacs Huayu Scholarship 2022/2023

Apply For Bacs Huayu Scholarship. kindly apply for the scholarship by visiting the BACS official website at

The British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS) Huaya Scholarship is a scheme used to encourage international students. It ( the scholarship) was birthed by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

The main intention of the scholarship is to rally International students to offer Mandarin courses in Taiwan according to the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

Through the studies, it is believed that they (Taiwan) can teach the culture of their country, and increase the international students’ understanding of the Taiwanese culture when they provide applicants with offers like supporting them financially. The scholarship also has the potential to promote mutual understanding and aid better interactions between Taiwan and the int’l communities involved in the agenda.

There’s a stated stipend for United Kingdom (UK) nationals who want to study Mandarin Chinese. They will study it at language centers recognized in Taiwan for a period: of 2 – 9 months.

Who can also study with BACS Huaya scholarship?

Worth value / How much is given as a UK stipend?

The stipend to be received by the United Kingdom students undertaking the Mandarin Chinese is NT$25,000 which is equivalent to £660

How can I apply BACS Huaya scholarship 2022/2023?

Visit the website of BACS through

How do I apply /requirements for the Huaya scholarship?

The documents needed for the Huaya scholarship applications are as follows :

• A copy of the completed Huaya scholarship application form.

• A photocopy of your official sealed transcript & the highest level diploma.

• A photocopy of a United States passport or you can make a copy of any other national cert.

Deadline for applying for Bacs Huaya scholarship

Bacs Huaya scholarship deadline is March 31st, 2022
For further inquiries, kindly contact the co-ordinator, BACS -Taiwan Scholarship program, Dr. Gregory Adam Scott through

What are the eligibility criteria for the Government of Taiwan Scholarship 2022 Programme:

You must be an International student.

The applicant: should be Mentally & physically fit.

At the time of applying, don’t apply for any other scholarship. Either from a University or the Taiwanese Government within the period, you intend to apply for the BACS scholarship.

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