How to apply for Ghana Prisons Service 2022/2023, Apply Now

How to apply for Ghana Prisons Service 2022/2023

How to apply for Ghana Prisons Service 2022/2023, Apply Now

How to apply for Ghana Prisons Service 2022/2023. Here is Ghana Prison Service’s online recruitment portal, requirements, application procedures, training schools, and salary structure

How to apply for Ghana Prisons Service?

Read on Eligibility and link to apply.

Want to join the Ghana Prisons Service? | What is Prisons Service eligibility? | the what is the Ghana Prisons Service qualification?

The Ghana Prisons Service is part of the security forces that have control of taking care of prisoners.

Check How to apply for Ghana Prisons Service 2022/2023

How to apply? First of all, read the content below you apply.

Join Ghana Prisons Service. Eligibility

Motto: Vigilance, Humanity, FortitThe character raster must fit the standard of the Prisons. No criminal records, fired at work, free from criminal charges sholeveledevelled against you.

Your age years older-old (minimum)*. But, don’t be less years older-old.

List Of Ghana Prisons Service Training Schools, Check Now

What makes you eligible to join Ghana Prisons Service?

Ghanaian by birth is part of the requirements to join Prisons Service.

Age limit: *21 years minimum but *not more than 32 years* by December when applying.

A minimum height of 5.6ft/1.67m for males & 5.2ft/1.5females females.

Ranks In Ghana Prisons Service and Salary Structure 2022/2023, Check Now

Documents needed for apto plying Prisons Service?

WASSCE results are needed

MUST pass with credits in 6 subjects.

Subjects: English language, Mathematics, and Science

What grade is needed before applying for Prisons Service?

MUST pass in 6 credits in all your subjects. The rates range from A1-C6 in WASSCE.

For officers, you can apply with Degree from an accredited tertiary institution. Graduate with a better class. Second class lower and complete your National Service too.

Your Degree should be earned in a specific field.

Ghana Prisons Service Medical?

Ghana Prisons Service Medical 2022/2023, Check Details

You have to be fit mentally and physically in accowithance with the Medicastand the rds of the Ghana Prisons Service.

Biometric Birth Cert./a declaration from the Law Court confirming your age.

iii. A clear passport photograph of yourself with a perfect background.

iv. Note: *NHIS card is not a valid ID card for Ghana Police Service.

With h clear mind, visit ⇒⇒ and follow all the requests

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