Ghana Immigration Service Prospectus, Check List

Ghana Immigration Service Prospectus

Ghana Immigration Service Prospectus, Check List

You are worried about what to buy? Here is the perfect solution to your worries. We have listed the items needed in the prospectus of the Ghana Immigration Service.


Ghana Immigration Service prospectus is a document issued to persons that want to join a GIS or school, or sometimes a group. It has what you must have or buy as a member of an institution.

The listed needed items would be used in the training school for the stated period by GIS

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A Hoe

A mop with a bucket

Black/brown pair of leather sandals

Liquid detergent

A plate bag

A water bottle

Two(2) bowls

Two(2) cups

A white jumper

A touch light

New cutlass

Scrubbing brushes

A set of cutlery

A bucket with a cover

New cloth for church service

A scientific calculator

A chop box

A trunk

A blanket

An electric iron
Pillowcases (white)

Pajamas and a sleeping cloth

A pair of sports shoes (canvas)

A raincoat

An umbrella

A set of handkerchiefs (white)

Mattress with a white leather

A pillow

Towels (2 or more)

Health Insurance card

White singlets

School cloth

A pair of socks (black)

Round neck T-shirts (white)

A good mosquito net

Sets of panties

A tracksuit

A pair of Khaki trousers (2 and more)

At least 2 white shirts (short sleeves)

Long sleeves (2 or more)

A pair of white trousers

A pair of white shorts
Underwear (dozens)

Two (2) green check cloth

A pair of trousers (black)

A pair of khaki trousers

Ceremonial dress

A pair of khaki shorts

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You are worried about what to buy? Here is the perfect solution to your worries.

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