Is College of Education accepting d7 for admission 2022?

Is College of Education accepting d7 for admission 2022?

Is College of Education accepting d7 for admission 2022?

Colleges of Education in Ghana have been directed to accept good grades for admission but not D7.

Currently, all the 46 Colleges of Education in Ghana are awarding Degree at the end of studying the four-year courses mounted in your area of studies in your college of choice.

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D7 is not an acceptable grade for getting admission into Colleges of Education. Your only guarantee for admission is to PASS in your WASSCE with a good grade.

Keep your focus on their cut-off grades (A1-C6) while studying for your future and admission for further courses. It is of value to check and verify if your grades are accepted in the dynamic world where successes are not defined by grades rather potentials the person have.

Few years ago, Diploma was awarded after offering a 3-year long studies in Teacher Training Colleges, currently, Degrees are awarded after a 4-year studies in the transformed institution (now College of Education)

All Colleges of Education are not accepting d7 either a minimum requirement or not. Strictly, admissions are opened to A1-C6 grade holders into the chalk and talk fraternity.

What are the qualifications for Colleges of Education?

Applicants are tasked to PASS in their subjects.

MUST obtain between the grade A1-C6 upon completing school (i.e writing WASSCE).

You should PASS all six (6) subjects:

Have a good PASS in three (3) Core subjects: English Language, Mathematics, and Science.

Applicant should PASS three (3) Elective subjects as well.

Finally, always read from our site for updates on Colleges of Education.

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