Labone Senior High School Courses And Details

Labone Senior High School Courses And Details

Labone Senior High School Courses And Details

LABONE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Find LABONE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL achievement, mission, facilities, courses, location, statistics, category, description, and telephone.

The demand for secondary education has increased as a result of high completion rates at the Junior high School level. In response to this, several new public schools have been provided, whilst facilities in existing schools have been upgraded.
Trends in school placement from the Computer Schools Selection and Placement System (CSSPS)
indicate some disparity in the selection of schools. Students overwhelmingly choose the popular but few traditionally high-performing schools thereby leading to oversubscription of these schools.
Many schools that have significantly improved in recent years remain unknown and undersubscribed.
We believe that this anomaly is partly due to the lack of information available to students and parents.

No. of Students (SHS 1): 567
No. of Students (SHS 2): 585
No. of Students (SHS 3): 740
EMIS Code: 205140003
WAEC Code: 0010117

54 Classrooms, 4 Science Labs, Computer Lab.

• Annual scholarship awards to excellent SHS
students to study in South Africa and the United States.
• Outstanding performance by the school during municipal, regional and national debate competitions.
• Excellent performance in all sporting
• Improvement in academic performance for the WASSCE due to maintenance of discipline, and commitment by staff.
•Improved infrastructure and constant
maintenance of existing facilities.”

Telephone: 024 477 7695
Location: Labone
Latitude: 5.565300
Longitude: – 0.168600
District: La Dade-Kotopon Municipal
Gender Mixed
Housing status Day & Boarding
Year of Establishment

Name of Head
Cynthia Obuobi


The School was established in 1949 in the Kpeshie Sub Unit of the La Dade Kotopon Municipal Assembly by six illustrious sons of Ghana who saw the need to establish a school to cater to the educational needs of the young men living around Osu, La and their environs. A private school was therefore established in the Ako Adjei area.

To create an institution of critical thinkers and problem solvers who can match their peers nationally and globally.

The school is committed to providing holistic education through training, coaching, mentoring, and inspiring students to develop their innate potential by instilling in our students’ values through quality teaching and extracurricular activities within an excellent learning environment where students are natured into skilled and academically robust individuals, well-groomed physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually empowered to deal with complexity, diversity, and change.

List of courses offered at Labone Senior High School

Labone Senior High School offers five major academic programs namely;

  • General Science
  • General Arts
  • Business
  • Visual Arts
  • Home Economics

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