List Of Registered Teacher Unions In Ghana 2022/2023-Check Now

List Of Registered Teacher Unions In Ghana 2022/2023

List Of Registered Teacher Unions In Ghana 2022/2023-Check Now

List Of Teacher Unions In Ghana 2022/2023. Check the full list of registered Teacher unions in Ghana responsible for championing the affairs of teachers.

Are you looking for the full list of teacher Unions In Ghana 2022/2023? If yes is your answer then you are at the right place. Today I will provide you with the list of teacher unions in Ghana.

Teaching is a noble profession that everyone desires to be.
Currently, the requirement to be a teacher in Ghana includes the following:
•Must Complete Colleges Of Education •Must Passed all papers in Colleges Pf Education
•Must undertake mandatory National Service
•Must Pass Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination organized by NTC

Teacher Unions
Teacher Unions are non-profit organizations whose main function is to ensure better working conditions for their members.

Functions Of Teacher Unions In Ghana

•Protection of rights of its members
•Provision of housing for teachers
•Ensuring better working conditions for teachers
•Engage Government on issues related to education
•Seeking support from non-governmental organizations to provide social amenities to deprived schools
•Liase with Government to provide teaching and learning materials for teachers
•Ensuring that government policies comply with their rules and regulations.

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How many teacher unions are in Ghana?
Currently, there are five registered teacher unions in Ghana.

List Of Teacher Unions In Ghana 2022/2023
Check the list of teacher unions in Ghana below;

•Ghana National Association of
Teacher (GNAT)
•Coalition of Concern
Teachers, Ghana (CCT-GH)

•National Association of
Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT)
•All Teachers Alliance Ghana
•Innovative Teachers

Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT)

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) was established in 1960 as the recognized Association of teachers in pre-tertiary schools and institutions in Ghana.

The Association was established to unite members and present a unified front to advise the government in education policy formulation and implementation.

National Association Of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT)

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) was formed out of dissection with GNAT dealings on issues concerning graduate teachers in Ghana.

It was constituted as an autonomous body by a resolution adopted at its National Delegates Congress at St. Louis Training College, Kumasi, in October 1998.

All Teachers Alliance Ghana

ATAG is a teacher welfare association under GES. Offering empowerment to all teachers in Ghana through affordable loans (8% annual) and other opportunities aimed at empowering them financially.

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