List Of Top 10 insurance companies in South Africa

List Of Top 10 insurance companies in South Africa

List Of Top 10 insurance companies in South Africa

About insurance companies in South Africa

The insurance market in South Africa is vigorous and offers an array of options for consumers to choose from when selecting an adequate insurance provider that fulfills their needs.

List Of Top 10 insurance companies in South Africa

This article comprehensively explores the top 10 insurance companies in South Africa.

Old Mutual

Old Mutual is one of the oldest and most well-established insurance companies in South Africa, providing an extensive range of financial services, which encompass life, health, and general insurance products, not only in South Africa but in 13 African countries.

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Sanlam, on the other hand, has been providing financial services for over 100 years; it’s a South African company with a distinguishable presence across Africa. It is also one of the largest insurance providers on the continent, in addition to wealth management services.

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Hollard is a new entrant in the insurance market. Since the establishment of the company in 1980, it has grown rapidly, providing an array of insurance products, including life insurance, car insurance, and business insurance.


Discovery, with its innovative incentive program that aims to prompt customers to adopt a healthier lifestyle, is a reputable company, well-known for offering creative insurance products. Apart from health insurance, Discovery provides home, car, and life insurance.

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With a history dating back to 1957, Liberty is one of the oldest insurance and investment companies in South Africa. In addition to life insurance, they offer car insurance, home insurance, and business insurance.


Momentum, the subsidiary of MMI Holdings, offers personalized and excellent customer service; they are one of the largest life insurers in South Africa and provide life, car, home, and business insurance.

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Outsurance holds a recognizable presence in the South African insurance market, with car insurance as its main focus, they’ve also diversified into innovative products, including pay-as-you-drive options.

Auto & General

Auto & General is renowned for its customizable car insurance products but also provides home and business insurance services.

Mutual & Federal

Mutual & Federal is one of the oldest insurance providers in South Africa, founded in 1831. They provide several home and business insurance products and are experts in insuring commercial properties.

AIG South Africa

AIG South Africa, a global insurance firm, has a presence in South Africa. They offer innovative insurance products, like car, home, and business insurance, and are famous for their customer-centric approach.

In conclusion, this write-up highlights the applaudable efforts channeled by these distinguished companies in offering personalized and innovative insurance products, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing. Consumers have a broad range of options to select from, and they should explore their choices meticulously.

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