Does adjusting your car height void insurance?

Does adjusting your car height void insurance?

Does adjusting your car height void insurance?

Yes, it does. Raising or lowering one’s car can be a form of vehicle modification that may require additional insurance for the car.

About Car Insurance

Many insurance companies offer extra coverage for parts and equipment in customs to cover modifications if the car is seen damaged through an accident, but one will pay a higher insurance rate for the car due to the additional coverage.

Vehicle modifications are likely to increase one’s insurance costs, but lowering one’s car is a risk that emerges with its issues which may impact the rates of the insurance.

Lowering the suspension ensures the car becomes difficult to tow which causes toxic interactions between the frame and other parts such as the tires or the sway bar and it increases the chances of the car bottoming out on rough pavements as well as speed bumps.
Raising the suspension may have a significant impact on the car’s stability which makes it highly possible to roll over when taking a sharp turn or even when speeding. The risk which seems to be increased at extra costs could be associated with modifications.

These problems increase the chances you will be needing to file a claim, which raises your insurance costs.

Do I need to tell my insurance if I raise or lower my car?

Yes, you have to tell your insurance company if you have done any modifications to your vehicle, including raising or lowering the suspension.

Your car insurance company has to know when you have done modifications to your car so that they can accurately determine your rates.

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What happens if you don’t tell insurance about modifications?

It is necessary to tell your insurance company about any modifications to your car.

Not telling your insurer concerning modifications is considered material misrepresentation, which is a fancy manner of saying that you didn’t tell them about something that would have affected your rate if they had known about it.

If you did not tell your insurance company about any modifications done to your vehicle, they could potentially deny a claim in the future, or even terminate your policy altogether when they find notice of your vehicle modifications.

How much does raising or lowering a car increase insurance?

Your insurance rates will rise with a modified car, but the actual amount you’ll pay depends on several factors, including the insurance company you choose.

The easiest way you can save money on car insurance is to compare quotes between multiple companies, which can be done on an online marketplace like Policy genius.

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