Manifesto Presented By Gapotor Mawuko, An Aspiring Padmore Hall President Under The Pavilion On 23rd July 2021


Mr. Chairman, The hall warden, Outgoing President and his vice, General Secretary, Financial Secretary, Organizing Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Sanitation Officers, Co-Aspirants, Members of the hall, all protocols observed. I appreciate the efforts of the outgoing executives during their tenure of office, they provided curtains to all the rooms, provided carpet to the top main room, provided dry line, improved in the lightening system of the hall. That is few of them. As the time has come for the baton of leadership to be passed onto the next administration, I Gapotor Mawuko, a prospective level 300 student of E.P College of Education, Amedzofe humbly declare my honest intention to be the President for Padmore Hall for 2021/2022 academic year.

My leadership vision is to consistently lead with integrity, fairness, humility and clear and honest communication. Am a person to render the best quality of leadership with the largest sense of dedication, integrity and passion for the position.
Mr. Chairman, I am much concerned about the community in which I am and will work hard to do anything that will progress it. Am someone who love to get involved in anything that goes in and out of the hall. A leader is someone who make himself available for transformation and plays vital roles as the progress of the hall is concerned.

Being a leader before and a team worker, I believed in support from all and sundry to help move our cherished hall to the next level of transformation. I am the right person to take this position. I am a team worker who always work with people without instructions and controls.
Mr. Chairman, my administration will also buy and install a DSTV Decoder for the hall when the mandate is being given to me. The DSTV will be installed before the commencement of the upcoming academic year so that no trainee can move out from campus to the town because of watching football.

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My administration will be available for all suggestions and comments that will promote our noble hall from its members. In my tenure of office, I will help the hall to excel in most of the intellectual and co-curricular activities. I will establish Padmore Excellence Award (P.E.A). Awarding excellence is the key to the development of individuals. My aim is to roll out an academic and social excellence awards scheme that recognizes committed, hardworking and well deserving Padmonians in order to motivate them to do more for themselves and Padmore hall. I will try my possible best to help the hall also excel in co-curricular activities like sports and others.
My administration will work hard to improve discipline among members of the hall. As the noble hall is known. Discipline must be among us within or outside the hall. Disciplinary Committee is the mechanism for ensuring discipline among the members of our cherished hall. Any member of the hall flouting the rules and regulations of the hall as far as discipline is concerned will be dealt with without any fear or favor.

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Mr. Chairman, as we are all familiar with the saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” as one of my key aim is on sanitation which my administration will not joke with. I want to assure you that, all immediate needs of the hall which will ensure cleanliness of the hall such as dustbins, brooms, mobs just to mention few will be made available in their right quantity immediately I am given the mandate.
Finally, Mr. Chairman, The Hall Warden, Outgoing President and his vice, General Secretary, Financial Secretary, Organizing Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Sanitation Officers, Co-Aspirants, Members of the Noble Hall, Ladies and Gentlemen, when given the mandate to be the next hall president for Padmore Hall, I will work assiduously with my executives to improve upon the lightening system at the hall and to deliver on all my promises. I promise to do these with the little finance as a Hall and cooperate with the relevant authorities and continue uncompleted works of the outgoing executives.

Your Vote Is My Priority.
Vote for Massive Change and Transformation.
Let your vote be counted for Gapotor Mawuko as your next hall President for the Noble
Long Live Ghana.
Long Live Ameco.
Long Live The Noble Hall.
Thank you all.


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