NSS Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Nss frequently asked questions and their answers

NSS Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Have you been searching for NSS frequently asked questions and their answers? If yes is your answer, then you’re on the right page.

In this article, we will discuss the most frequently asked questions about National Service that bothers a lot of graduates especially new NSS personnel

List Of NSS Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers


NSS Allowance Increased?

NSS Registration For Colleges Of Education 2022/2023, Check Full Details Here


RESPONSE: The PIN CODE is a secret code given by the NSS to enable you to get access to the Online registration form.

Q: Where to get the PIN CODE?

RESPONSE: You will check the PIN CODE free from the NSS official website.Only when you are in your final year.

Q: How will we retrieve the PIN CODE?

RESPONSE: You enter your school index number into the check Pincode option on the nss website then provide the date of birth you used to apply for school to access it

What happens after the posting are released?

RESPONSE, You shall print your Appointment letter from your DASHBOARD and submit tit o the SCHOOL you have bosted. After that, you come to the NSS Regional office where you are posted and do your manual registration after booking an appointment.

FAQ: Concerning the manual registration. assuming you are posted to Salaga or any of the districts in the northern region meaning will you have to go to the thee S office in tamale to do the manual registration?

RESPONSE: That’s correct. You will have to go to the REGIONAL OFFICE in Tamale.


  1. NSS posting has nothing to do with the Region where you completed school.
  2. NSS posting is done for only those who will do the NSS online Registration.

You can be posted to a region you didn’t even select during the registration as long as your service is needed there.

  1. The Appointment Letter will be put online on your DASHBOARD for everyone to print.
  2. After printing the letter, you will send it to the SCHOOL you’re posted for endorsement.
  3. After the endorsement, you will bring the letter to the NSS regional office. (The regional office where your Organization is located)
  4. The regional office will take some particulars from you.
  5. After the regional office, you will be given a date to start the National Service.


frequent questions and Responses.

Q: Will I pay to check my PINCODE?

RESPONSE: No, you check it free from the nss website.

Q: I’m told there’s some payment of 40 or 41 cedis for the pin code.

RESPONSE: Yes you pay an amount of GHS 41 via MTN Mobile Money, or GHS 40 at any ADB bank to activate the Pincode for Online Registration.
The payment is to Grant you access to undertake the online registration without the payment you won’t be permitted to register online.

How Can I Pay For NSS PIN CODES?

Immediately after making the GHC 40 payment at ADB BANK.
Or, GHC 41 payment via MTN Mobile Money, your PINCODE becomes automatically activated and you will receive an MTN MOBILE MONEY MESSAGE* as a Confirmation of your payment for the activation of your pincode.

  • NSS will also send you a text message as confirmation that, your Payment has been received.

After making the payment, you can then go to the NSS website.open this link 👉https://portal.nss.gov.gh/registration-signin to begin the online registration process.

Q: What does it imply if I do not activate my Pincode?

RESPONSE: This implies you are not willing to take part in this year’s National Service.

Q: I’m a final-year diploma student. Can I register for this year’s service and also do it again after my top-up or degree?

RESPONSE: yes you can register. But note you are not mandated to do it again.

Q: Please can I use any National ID for the Online Registration?

RESPONSE: Yes you can use any Valid National ID for the online registration.
NB: you can’t use someone else ID.

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