Pressure Mounts On Government To Cancel Teacher Trainees Allowance

Pressure mounts On Govt to Cancel Teacher Trainees Allowance

Pressure mounts On Govt to Cancel Teacher Trainees Allowance

The CEO of EduWatch Mr. Kofi Asare calls for the cancellation of the Teacher Trainee allowance.

Months ago in the news, Mr. Kofi Asare said the purpose of the allowance was to encourage teachers to be posted to rural communities but in recent times, the intention has not been achieved.

To him, the allowance must be canceled because rural communities lack teachers and infrastructure but the urban teachers are benefitting from the structure meant to support education in the rural areas.

Earlier in January 2022, some teachers eulogies the efforts put in by Mr. Kofi Asare. He is known widely for disagreeing with bad decisions authorities deem important for education in Ghana.

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Mr. Asare always advocates for good reforms for Ghana’s education in all makeups of education for the benefit of the Ghanaian child.

In a signed letter from GTEC dated 16th December 2022, they communicated to PRINCOF the expected admission quota for the 2022/2023 academic year.

In the letter, a total of 12,002 applicants are to be admitted into forty-six (46) accredited Colleges of Education (CoE) in the country.

All the forty-six (46) accredited Colleges of Education (CoE) were given a quota to adhere to strictly in giving admission for the 2022/2023 academic year.

On the reasons behind the quota, GTEC in the release communicated that “Please be informed that the allocation cannot be varied and must strictly be adhered to. For the avoidance of doubt, payment of feeding grants and trainees allowance will be guided by these numbers.”

The backbone of the said justification is that the government cannot pay the meager amount of money due to teacher trainees as they used to do in roll-overs instead of monthly basis per their promise.

The contention on the quota now is the benefit of Free SHS that has produced thousands of SHS graduates who some will be willing to further as Trained Teachers.

Why the Free SHS in the first place considering the status of Ghana’s financial challenges?

A tweet from a concerned citizen reads:

“It’s only in Ghana that SHS is free and we go on to limit the intake of our tertiary institutions because of allowance. Bad news for our younger brothers and sisters.”

“CoEs with the capacity to admit 450 will now take 290 b’cos gov’t can’t pay trainee allowance for the 450. Even if one opts to forego allowance, still no admission. Yet, we need more trained teachers.
We were here before 2014.”

These and many other questions the citizens are stacked with and expecting a well-explanatory reason for.

The CEO of EduWatch commented after GTEC released the permissible 2022/2023 admission action where he said the step taken by the government is purposely meant to reduce the admission number of SHS graduates to Colleges of Education.

Making suggestions on the introduced quota system, Mr. Kofi Asare added made it crystal clear that the government should withdraw the permissible action on admission if they will not cancel the stipend they have been to teacher trainees.

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