Salaries of prison officers in Ghana, Check Now

Salaries of prison officers in Ghana

Salaries of prison officers in Ghana, Check Now

Prison officers are also known as corrections officers or detention officers. These are people who are responsible for the safety, supervision, and security of persons in prisons, jails, or any other form of custody.

Ghana Prison Service Salary Structure

A person working in the prison service as an officer in Ghana earns nearly GHC 2,280.00 GHS every month. This salary ranges from GHC 1,210.00 to GHC 3,470.00 per month with the first amount being the lowest and the other, the highest.

Apart from the educational level of an officer which also is a great determiner of salary levels in the prison service, the experience of an officer is regarded as a significant factor in the difference in salary levels of prison officers in Ghana. This means that the more years one works as a prison officer, the more his or her salary will increase.

With an experience of less than two (2) years, a prison officer is expected to earn GHC 1390.00 as monthly pay.

Also, a salary of GHC 1710.00 is paid to an officer with an experience level between two (2) to five (5) years.

In line with the same measure, an officer with an experience level between five (5) to ten (10) years is handed a pay of GHC 2420.00 monthly salary.

How Can One Become A Prison Officer In Ghana?

The following are the requirements for all applicants:

• Applicant must be a Ghanaian.

• Applicant must be of no criminal record.

• Must be aged between 21 to 35 years.

• Applicant must be physically and mentally fit for the service.

• Should not have any record of dismissal from any public work or service.

How Long Does A Prison Service Training Take?

The prison service training takes twelve (12) weeks to complete. It is partitioned into two folds.

The first fold lasts for ten (10) weeks which is called the Prison Officer Entry Level Training (POELT).

The second fold which lasts for two (2) weeks is for the home establishment.

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