Updated Salaries Of Teachers In Ghana 2022

Updated Salaries Of Teachers In Ghana 2022

Updated Salaries Of Teachers In Ghana 2022

Teachers are the major source of inspiration to their students to work harder and achieve their goals and potential in life. Teachers encourage their learners to note the significance of showing dedication to education and how important it is to their dreams and aspirations.

Teaching as a profession is the application of specialized skills, knowledge, attributes, and attitudes to attain educational goals and objectives for students and the Ghana Education Service (GES).

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With the introduction of the single spine salary structure, the income or monthly salary of Ghanaian teachers has seen a significant rise.

The Job description of teachers in Ghana

  1. Teachers are tasked with the responsibility of keeping attendance records of students and records of the lessons he or she gives in the classroom.
  2. They are charged with the duty to teach, give scenarios and explain lessons to their learners with notes for reference and recollection.
  3. They are to teach what the head teacher has assigned them to teach.
  4. Teachers are to test their learner’s knowledge and level of understanding of lessons by giving verbal tests, assignments, and examinations.
  5. Teachers are supposed to evaluate their learners’ performance and compare them with the set standards.
  6. They are also charged to provide feedback to both the management of the school and the parents of the students.
  7. They are to provide educational aids to learners to enhance their learning process.

Details On Salary Structure of Teachers in Ghana

Ghanaian teachers are paid based on their qualifications, experience, ranks, duration of services as a teacher, and the work schedules engaged in the organization.

Certificate teachers earn from a range of GHC 800.00 to GHC 1000.00 monthly with the former being the lowest possible whereas the latter is the expected highest.

Diploma holders who graduated from the Colleges of Education are classified under Senior Sup II with a salary of GHC 1200.00 to GHC1700. 00 a month plus an increase in the percentage of salary every year.

After five (5) years or more of active work in the teaching service, all Diploma teachers will receive an upgrade to a Senior Sup I which also comes with a corresponding salary increase.

Graduate teachers are under Principal Superintendent who could be professional or nonprofessional. The salary of a graduate teacher with a degree is placed between GHC 1900.00 to GHC 2500.00. This monthly salary increases with work experience.

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